Football: a nickname for the Portuguese (B)?

Football: a nickname for the Portuguese (B)?

FC Porto’s reserves from Amiens (D2) can complete the success of the club’s season by winning the Somme Cup final against Dolens (D3) on Monday 29 May.

Already a great season for the Portuguese, who experienced his first ever promotion to R1 with his first team. But, as if to confirm that an entire team is doing great, it is now a historic title to be played with. Can reserve already Reward his good season (2nd place in the league with 13 wins in 18 matches) by winning the first Somme Cup.

For this, Noureddine Laroussi must be able to count on a certain number of players from the Al-Alam team. In addition to da vega And Isambartpresent in B last week and falling within the quota of 7 players who must have taken part in one of the last two matches, will also be eligible for the other 7 places for players such as Despois, Coupelle or Facquier, who were absent in A last Sunday, s they are fit.

There certainly wouldn’t be much to take away from a very strong team dolins. Preferred, on paper, since development on D1i.e. one storey higher, Doullenais performed there (second) and remained above all in a great course in a cup Eliminate 5 teams of R3 In a row including Camon’s reserves, AC Amiens and a major victory 3-0 in Mondidier.

Note that in addition to this closing game, this day in games It will include two more encounters between teams from Amiens Metropolis, in recreational football: AC Amiens – SC Boves 9 a.m. on the then Michel Bonnier Challenge RC Salouël-Saleux – US Camon 11 a.m. on the Gilles Marquette Challenge.

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Somme Cup, final
Monday, May 29, 6:30 pm, Stade Serge Lelio, Gamache: FC Porto Amiens (B) (D2) – RC Dolins (D1)

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