Foot OM – OM: Bayley’s done, everyone’s shocked

Foot OM – OM: Bayley’s done, everyone’s shocked

Eric Bailly gets nervous at OM. Often injured, recently laid off, he has put in a string of disappointing performances since his arrival. However, despite his alternate mode, he aims for… better than OM!

If credits often smile at the OM of Pablo Longoria, they also bring some flaws with them. These fickle players never belong at Marseille, as the case of William Saliba last season showed. Nuno Tavares is a new example for the Foggians, who remembered before the Clasico that he still belonged.” two years in arsenal. Words and self-confidence annoyed some Marseilles after the season ended and Tavares missed their match against Paris Saint-Germain. The Portuguese side is not the only one with plans on the comet since Eric Bailey has mentioned his future after OM.

Arrogant and nasty, Bailly has to leave OM!

The Ivorian defender has already spoken of his possible return to Spain in interviews, casting doubt on the continuation of his adventure at Canebière. Words discourage Jean-Charles de Bono from wanting to keep Billy. The player on loan from Manchester United is bound by a mandatory purchase option with OM. This amount amounts to 10 million euros and will be activated on two conditions: Bailly plays half of the matches with OM or Marseille qualify directly for the Champions League. In light of his statements, matches, and his monthly salary of 400,000 euros, OM should not be tempted by fate with Bailly, according to the Marseille Football Club website advisor.

It seems to me that Billy said in an interview that he’s not sure he’ll stay at OM. that he saw himself returning to Spain. Problem is, Bailey doesn’t play for OM, so where will he play? If you finish in second place and have to keep him on a big salary over two years, it’s going to be tough. Today wouldn’t be a good move for OM. After I don’t know next season, if he doesn’t have more injuries or find all his feelings, it could be something else. But today, when we talk about it, Bailly is not a good move for OM. I think our coach Theodore’s state of mind is not a priority. Bailly takes himself a little bit for another, a little bit like Tavares De Bono said. His guest also emphasized Souligna’s arrogance. ” Bayley has an ego, we know and see her. He is very arrogant. I have a feeling this guy didn’t want to follow the Tudor rules. He just does what he wants. It would be very bad news if he stayed He said to complete a less-than-stellar picture of the Ivorian player.

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