Florida could close some Disney World attractions

Florida could close some Disney World attractions

In the midst of a war with Disney, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is now an ally in a position of power over the entertainment business.

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DeSantis’ longtime associate Glenn Gilzean was recently appointed director of the tax district where the Florida amusement park is located, according to reports. Orlando Sentinel.

Mr. Gilzean has been hired by Central Florida Tourism Observation District, which also unanimously approved a new application program as well as the appointment of new examination officers. These will work for Glen Gilzean and may impose fines on the Walt Disney World Resort.

Although the rules to be followed have not yet been announced, they must be followed to the letter by the amusement park, as Glen Gilzean agents may impose fines of up to $500 per day on any attraction that does not comply with the rules.

Mr. Gilzen will also have the power to shut down law-breaking attractions that have yet to be identified.

This new fight is part of the several-month-old showdown between Governor DeSantis and Disney.

The Republican politician revoked the Orlando-area multinational’s special status after Disney publicly opposed a law barring teachers from discussing gender identity or sexual orientation with students before the fourth grade of elementary school.

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