Flesh-eating bacteria: alarming increase in the number of cases in Japan – LINFO.re

Flesh-eating bacteria: alarming increase in the number of cases in Japan – LINFO.re

Between January and March, the flesh-eating bacteria caused the deaths of 77 people, according to Japanese authorities.

Fast recovery

in JapanAs of June 2, the Ministry of Health had recorded 977 cases of streptococcal toxic shock syndrome (SCTS), which is severe infections caused by bacteria. Streptococcus From Group A, according to a new report compiled by CNN.
Hence, there is an alarming increase, because 941 cases were recorded across the country in 2023 alone.
As mentioned TF1mortality rate from this Carnivorous bacteria It can reach 30%. Local authorities said that between January and March, 77 people died from the disease.

Multiple infections

The reason for this rapid progress remains to be determined at this time. We note that Streptococcus The Pasteur Institute noted on its website that group A (SGA) is regularly responsible for recurrent, benign and non-invasive infections such as angina and herpes. It also causes serious invasive infections: bacteremia, necrotizing skin infections, puerperal infections, pleuropneumopathy, and meningitis, which can be associated with SCTS.

Transmission method

The gas is transmitted through respiratory droplets and direct contact (nasal secretions, skin lesions).
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explained that SCTS secretes toxins that can cause organ failure in the body. This disease is fatal in one out of every three cases.
Because of this health situation, the Japanese Minister of Health launched a call in January to adopt isolation measures such as washing hands regularly and wearing a mask in crowded public places.

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