Finally the first gameplay pictures

Forza Motorsport has been abandoned in favor of Horizon. The racing game will continue to make a comeback with great fanfare next spring. Here are the first pictures of the game!

Four years, four long years during which we haven’t seen any new “races” from the developers of the Forza saga, who have so far focused on Forza Horizon. And we can understand them, because they preferred a wider audience, not always adept at driving in circles on a track and fine-tuning their cars to fine-tuning to scrape a few tenths of a second. However, Forza Motorsport has not fallen into oblivion. Moreover, the developers revealed a new video that includes an exciting and promising part of the gameplay.

Forza “8” 4K resolution

The new author will apparently be exclusive to the Xbox series and will be released next spring. Forza Motorsport creators already promise a full day/night cycle, new damage management and extensive customization. Above all, the game will run in 4K and won’t be available for the Xbox One, which is an indication that Turn 10 has put the package on the 3D engine. Microsoft, the publisher of the game, is also talking about a file Change the temperature on schedule, which will affect tire wear.

Forza Motorsport (which isn’t called Forza 8, the publisher having decided to drop the numbers in the naming) will land nicely after the all-new Gran Turismo, but it could be overshadowed by the “damage” part and more advanced management of the day/night cycle and weather. That’s all we hope for.

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