Finalists for the Hubert Reeves Award

Finalists for the Hubert Reeves Award

Hubert Reeves, who died last fall, was a highly respected and respected scientist. The Hubert Reeves Award, established in 2011, celebrates his memory as much as it celebrates his remarkable ability to share his passion and knowledge.

headed byAssociation for Science Communication (ACS)The Hubert Reeves Prize wishes to encourage the publication of popular scholarly works by Canadian francophones. Thanks to a jury composed mainly of scholars, three works were finalists and received the attention they deserved. The finalists for the Coup de cœur Jeunesse, which encourages scientific awareness among children, were presented to recognize a group of young people aged between 8 and 15 years. Winning books will be announced during the ACS ceremony.

Here are the finalists for the Hubert Reeves Award:

Brain seasonsDavid Fortin (Tricare)
Neurosurgeon, neuro-oncologist and Professor David Fortin narrates his journey, enlightening us about this powerful organ that is the brain. He shares his field experiences, whether from the perspective of the doctor or the patient. The result is an original, fully accessible text that bears witness to a lively everyday life.

Lynette heads?, Louis Lefebvre (North)
Biologist, professor and researcher Louis Lefebvre attests to the intelligence and capacity for innovation of winged animals, from the simple dove to the bearded vulture. Thanks to anecdotes collected here and there from amateur ornithologists, he was able to highlight many unusual behaviors and invited us to look at bird intelligence in a different way.

Energy balancePierre-Olivier Pinault (Robert Laffont Quebec)
Pierre-Olivier Pinault provides a summary of the possibilities of concrete actions aimed at achieving a certain energy balance. Clear, without pretentiousness, he offers us a text that targets the essentials, allowing us to better understand the concrete issues of realistic energy transformation.

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Favorite finalists:

The outcast of the royal palaceAnne Bernard Lenoir (Quebec America)
In this novel, which takes place on the nineteenthH In the twentieth century in the Old Port of Montreal, the author introduces her character to the works of Charles Darwin as well as various scientific theories.

Jervis and ConradIris Boudreau (400 strokes)
A fascinating dive into discovering the plants that surround us, thanks to two friends who are as funny as they are crazy. Friendly duo Gervais the Cicada and Conrad the Ant are sure to make people laugh by sharing their knowledge.

A guided tour of the universePierre Chastenay and Tom (short scale)
We find Stella Earth, a tour guide who, after touring the solar system in a previous documentary, invites us to discover the universe, its stars, and even black holes!

During the ACS Gala on June 6, the books that received the Hubert-Reeves Prize will be announced as well as the two other prizes administered by the ACS, the Thérèse-Patry Prize and the Fernand-Séguin Fellowship.

Illustration: © Jack Goldstein

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