Film review by Gregorio Graziosi

Film review by Gregorio Graziosi

Marina, 30, is a former professional diver who suffers from ringing in the ears that affects her physical and mental balance. Away from the swimming pools since a terrible accident, she decides to resume competition in hopes of winning an Olympic medal.

Film critic

Thanks to the advanced design, buzz He manages to balance on a thread of weirdness. Amidst its meticulously composed frames, a war of nerves is played out against the backdrop of high-level sport and an internal struggle on the verge of madness. vertical and feminine, The film gives a feeling of being lost at times, but the climate of anxiety floats in the viewer’s memory long after the session.


There is the duo formed by Marina and Luisa, both synchronized diving champions. Marina’s life is imitated by training. She makes a lot of sacrifices in the name of seeking perfection to perform the right gesture at the right time. The goal: two bodies merged in the same movement. And there is the married couple, Marina and her husband, the doctor. Half time full time. buzz is, among other things, disturbance story. Tiny Buzz transforms into an inner monster who enforces his law before shattering everything. Graziosi To express Marina’s annoyance, about the discrepancy between image and sound, between harmony and dissonance. The photo is signed Roy Bocasthe great Portuguese cinematographer (MuharramAnd ZamaAnd alma fifa…) and music David Boulterkeyboard player Burning sticks. ICharming and disturbing, the English musician composed sonic tendrils between the underwater bubble and urban flood.

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Blue as hell

The main decor is an abandoned swimming pool located in the heart of São Paulo, a vertical city whose intensity we only realize through the constant, repetitive and exhausting sounds. Incident occurs at the worst of times, when the competition does not forgive any wrongdoing. Too much stress or damaged confidence? Moment break with Louisa. Marina’s husband is trying a treatment to cure his hearing problems. But the young woman finds this placement under medical supervision difficult. she walks away. Disease always isolates. Still dialing in the water, it still plays the siren of a tourist aquarium that cancels one show out of three, due to a lack of spectators. A taste of competition returns by going to support Sonya, Tokyo Olympic champion, loyal coach and veteran medalist. Desire also returns, well stimulated by Teresa, with whom perhaps the couple and the duo can merge.

The perfect hole

The tinnitus that Marina suffers from is a nuisance. Everything in Gregório Graziosi’s play converges towards reassurance. Calmness questionable, kindness equivocal. And so the film veers toward psychological thrillers, even if that means sometimes not mastering the turbulent waters in which its story threads float. Also difficult to understand are the allusions to Japanese culture (the tree of desires, Kurosawa, meditation) that seem to open up false leads that were quickly let go.

The diver’s cup is called the perfect hole: entering the water by drawing a small hole with the hands and passing the body through, with minimal splashing. The diver will choose a simple but highly controlled character or a more daring character to impress the jury.

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buzz He oscillates between the two, not perfect but with plenty of style, especially in his ability, like his final scene, to experience inner conflict..

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July 5, 2023 – from Gregorio Graziosi
with Joanna from VeronaAnd Andre Guerrero Lopez And Indira Nascimento

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