Filled with records despite lackluster passing, Lionel Messi didn’t lose everything in Paris

Filled with records despite lackluster passing, Lionel Messi didn’t lose everything in Paris

With his goal in Strasbourg on Saturday, synonymous with the Paris Saint-Germain title, the Argentine set new records. In the absence of a heart of supporters.

How do we judge Lionel Messi’s seasons in Paris Saint-Germain? Is the glass half empty or half full? One thing is for sure, the trophy cabinet overflowed after his visit to the capital. By scoring the Parisian goal in Strasbourg (1-1), Saturday, May 27, the Argentine delivered a resounding double blow: thus becoming the top scorer in the history of the five major European championships (496 achievements), joining the Brazilian Dani Alves. At the top of the world rankings with 43 trophies.

Two important stats during the end of Messi’s career at Paris Saint-Germain were written in small print. This is the complete irony of Leo’s adventure in Paris, the club that allowed him to win his highest dream, the World Cup with his country, at the same time that he somewhat tarnished his image. Between shadow and light, the Seven Golden Ball is about to leave the capital, leaving a feeling of unfinished business. Almost a mess.

The two European campaigns of his reign, with pitiful eliminations against Real Madrid and then Bayern, did not help make Messi the idol of the Parc des Princes. As well as his lack of interest in defensive withdrawal and communication with the masses. Where the Camp Nou has passed everything into its own, the Parisian public will never call it a real one. Even worse, he yelled at him.

However, from a strict accounting point of view, Lionel Messi took another step into the colors of Paris Saint-Germain. Thus, his 496th goal allows him to overtake an old acquaintance who is at the forefront of managers in history in the five major leagues, Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese counter, since he went into exile in Saudi Arabia, has been stuck at 495 units. To give an idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe bay that separates the two-headed hydra Messi Ronaldo from the rest of humanity, the third in this ranking, the Englishman Jimmy Greaves (who played for Chelsea and Tottenham in the sixties) has “only” 366 goals.

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If the World Cup, which Qatar won recently, was the pinnacle of the season, and of Lionel Messi’s career, then the latter would not have spit on the title of champion of France with Paris. Especially since the latter allows him to join Dani Alves at the top of the pyramid of the biggest winners in football history.

With 43 titles, Messi equals the Brazilian and his former Barcelona teammate. Her mark, if she still needs it, sinks a little deeper into the marble of glory. The 36-year-old Argentinean did not have much time left to seize the honorary throne alone. But if he succeeds, he should not be in a Paris Saint-Germain shirt as the genius is about to close a frustrating arc.

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