Festa do Cinema Francês: Edition 23 from October 26 to November 20 2022

Festa do Cinema Francês: Edition 23 from October 26 to November 20 2022

As of October 26, 2022, Vista du Cinema Francis Portuguese cinemas will be in operation until November 20. This edition will be unprecedented, because it is part of Tempurada France and Portugal 2022. Feature Film Everyone loves JoanDirected by Céline Defoe, the festival will open at the São Jorge Cinema in the presence of the director herself and part of the cast.

The Vista du Cinema Francis Celebrating her twenty-third birthday

Every year since 2000, the French Film Festival moves to Portugal to present a large selection of films. A great moment in the French cultural life in Portugal which we greatly appreciate. The event takes place in the heart of ten cities in the country this year: Lisbon, Almada, Oeiras, Coimbra, Porto, Evora, Viseu, Faro, Lagos and Funchal. Like last year, the partnership with NOS Cinemas will allow the renewal of the Tour do Cinema Francês por Portugal, a program aimed at enabling regions far from large urban areas to host this rich cultural programme. Thus, NOS cinemas in the cities of Evora, Faro, Funchal and Viseu will be able to actively participate in this film festival.

23rd edition placed under the sign Temporada Franca-Portugal 2022

This event is organized in close cooperation with the French Embassy, ​​the Institut Français and the French Alliance of Portugal; This 23rd edition will be placed under the label Cultural Influence of Temporada Franca-Portugal. En effet, depuis le mois de février 2022 se déroule simultanément en France et au Portugal une programmation culturelle hors-norme qui consacre les relations franco-portugaises et le lien qui unit ces deux pays, dans la continuité des présideets’ frangaise portugaise European Union.

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A complete and varied programme

With more than 80 films presented in ten cities in Portugal, Vista du Cinema Francis This year, it once again presents a diverse program that satisfies all audiences, especially the younger ones, with a selection of films dedicated to a young audience. Spectators will also be able to discover many national and unseen movie previews, as well as other films already released in theaters last year. New this year, a selection dedicated to gastronomy that will delight even discerning movie buffs. Finally, a documentary can be viewed in partnership with ACID, the Independent Film Association for its publication.

A little patience, the film festival is coming and it will allow viewers to experience new adventures through the big screen!

Eid programme.

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