FC Porto will be holding a three-week youth camp in Broussard this summer

FC Porto will be holding a three-week youth camp in Broussard this summer

The Brossard Football Association (ASB) has dealt a huge blow by convincing FC Porto to hold a three-week youth camp in the Montreal area this summer.

“It’s the first time we’ve done this kind of camp with Porto and the aim is for it to happen throughout the year,” explains Rogério Crespo, Technical Director of the Brossard Association.

From July 17 to August 4, two Porto coaches will be in Broussard to take part in the three-week camp that will see 300 youngsters receive 120 hours of training.

A training for ASB trainers will also be prepared.


It is no coincidence that such connections were established between ASB and the famous Portuguese club. Rogero Crespo from Portugal.

“I already worked with FC Porto and then started working as a coach and then as technical director at Brossard, but I kept my relationship with Porto,” he explains.

The federation already has ties with Porto since three teams traveled there over the winter.

“Pour moi, it’s a fact that donner has an opportunity with a lifetime of experience”, explique Crespo en mentioning that the young men of the occupation d’aller s’ entrance with the second equipement of Porto to his compatriot this summer.

Unique experience

Moreover, summer camps to be held in Brossard come with a very exciting incentive.

In fact, the MVP of each of the three weeks will be invited to Porto for a five-day visit where they will be greeted by a high-ranking member of the Canadian national team.

“The guys will be able to hang out with Stephen Eustachio when they’re there.”

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Demand is already high as news broke after the three teams’ trip a few months ago,


Rogero Crespo has an admitted goal, he wants to allow the young players here to make their way to the highest levels.

“My role is to open the door and give the players from here a chance to go to Portugal, to live this experience and to be seen.”

He believes in the homegrown talent and thinks Porto presents a golden opportunity to attract attention, especially since the Portuguese club has a long arm.

“We have good players here who I think could play for FC Porto. But it’s all part of a process.

“FC Porto also has agreements with second and third division clubs and that can help us.”

Think larger

It’s a good move to lure FC Porto into the boycott, but Ruggero Crespo thinks bigger.

For him, there is no reason for this partnership to be limited to Quebec only.

“The goal is really to grow in this partnership. The goal after that is to go to Toronto and Vancouver and then work in the other Canadian provinces.”

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