Expiration date, a calculation that is not an exact science

Expiration date, a calculation that is not an exact science

Since last March, the number of Dinar branches has reached about one hundred branches Freeze meat by the use-by dateSo it can be sold for an additional 90 days in Caritas grocery stores at a 66% discount. An initiative welcomed by the Federal Environment Office and associations to combat food waste. And the opportunity to ask about the criteria upon which the development of the term edibility depends? Why is it preferable to eat sweets until May 17, 2024 and not the 18th?

The question is not so trivial. Close 2.5 million tons of food It goes into the trash every year in Switzerland. “20% of food waste comes directly from exceeding expiration dates in homes, especially due to misunderstanding,” points out Karim Hachler, French-speaking Switzerland project manager at Foodwaste.ch. This is a situation that is not limited to Switzerland, and is observed in many countries. Including the United States.

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