Experiment 2022: Teach art off the beaten path | echo

Experiment 2022: Teach art off the beaten path |  echo

This year, the M1 of the CCST major has been invited to cover the two-year period EXPERIMENTA 2022! We divided into 4 groups to cover the different aspects of this event which mixes art and science.

Our group dealt with In Situ programs, that is, “in their natural environment”.

The peculiarity of these shows is that they take place outside traditional theaters.

Let’s start with a short presentation of our four heroes:
LisaThe organizer who planned everything when others were too busy for the science fair.

gilhomefound himself a photographer in spite of himself due to a faulty equipment during an activity.
whatever He was the only reporter at the last show, as no one else was free to attend.
finally Julia Our driver who picked us up for a show at the other end of Grenoble.

Let’s go tell you about our trip through EXPERIMENTA offers on site.
In the program: 5 offers, finally reduced to 4 since all slots “Places)” It was complete. 4 offers for 4 people, this is perfect. So we have appointed a responsible person for each show.
The task of the latter is to present the event on Twitter in advance and then publish a short interview or report in the following days.

Lisa was responsible for the premiere: place factory. We went to half of a building under construction. After this presentation on architecture and scaling, we were able to discuss with 4 members of the team responsible for representation. We filmed our conversations with the team, then produced a short video, posted on Youtube and shared it on Twitter.

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Yulia covered the second event: Jules Verne sunglassesCity tour using augmented reality glasses. Leaving Grenoble’s Tourist Office, we spent two hours walking around the city center, guided by sound and images. After this visit, Yulia posted photos and a short report.

Gilhome took charge of the show Flying corpses across the fields . We drove to Le Clos des Capucins in Meylan to attend. The performance was held in a church emptied for the occasion. After the performance, we were able to chat with a show technician. So we did an audio interview accompanied by photos from the show, which was later published by Gillhome.

Emma took charge of the show: emergency entrance. The scheduled slot was canceled and only Emma was available for the final slot.

After several unsuccessful attempts to get close, Emma had to leave without an interview.

Disappointed with not having any answers, I called the intern from the Experimenta liaison who would provide her with the necessary information. Thanks to this, Emma was able to post on Twitter thread after a short video report.

Finally, despite the few mishaps that occurred, we always made sure to treat it. We were all so obsessed with the original “on-site” look of the shows, we really liked it and it impressed us a lot. I can’t wait to see what the 2024 edition has to offer!

Article written by Yulia Poti, Lisa Trolon, Emma Bellavia, and Gullhum Poe as part of the main communication and science and technology culture in connection with the 2022 edition of EXPERIMENTA.

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The photo was taken at Clos des Capucins during the “Flying Bodies Across the Fields” show.

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