Exercising more intensely allows you to eat less fat

Intense physical exercise can reduce the desire to eat fatty foods.

delete file fatty foods for him food It can be difficult. In fact, the craving for fat can sometimes be irrepressible. Exercising can be a solution to this desire Avoid this type of food. Indeed, a new study was published in the journal obesity It has just been revealed that engaging in intense physical activity can help fight cravings for fatty foods.

To reduce fat intake, exercise

To reach this conclusion, researchers followed 28 rodents for 30 days. When dieting, the aim of the study was to test how well their brains were able to resist cravings for fatty foods. In detail, the experiment consisted in training mice to activate a lever to turn on light and sound. If this procedure is carried out, the rodents receive pellets of food rich in fat as a reward.

After a period of training, the researchers decided to note how many times the mice pressed the lever just to get a signal of light and sound. Here, the aim of the work was to assess the psychological resistance of rats to the temptation to eat their food reward. In scientific terms, This phenomenon is called “incubation of envy.”

In order to test resistance to cravings, the researchers separated the mice into two groups: one running on a carpet and the other exempt from the additional physical activity. It should be noted that the rodents did not have access to the high-fat pellets for thirty days. Then they again encountered the exercise of influence and light. The researchers noticed that the rats that exercised pressed less than those that did not exercise.

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The study authors argue that “regular exercise can be beneficial not only physically for weight loss, but also mentally for controlling unhealthy eating habits.”

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