Exchange of teaching practices

Exchange of teaching practices

Forchamboldt. France Education Internationale system for discussing teaching practices. As part of the France Éducation Internationale system, the Pierre-Bérégovoy Vocational Secondary School has received two teachers. The German, Ursula Krotel, French and physical education teacher, and the Portuguese one, Sandra Cretovao, Portuguese, and French teacher.

Accompanied by Laura Lancien, Professor of Letters and English at the Nivernais Foundation, they were able, for two weeks, to discover part of the French education system and to make comparisons with theirs.

Different courses from one country to another

Learn about the different courses offered by the Vocational High School and attend different courses. English, Spanish or even French as a foreign language for descendants of trainees. At the Garchizy site, they were particularly interested in the courses related to preparing Caces, the basic permit for driving forklifts.

With a French language teacher, exchanges made it possible to compare specific educational practices or courses from one country to another.

For example, in Germany, lessons are limited to 45 minutes, which is “good for concentration”. Orientation takes place, at the end of primary school, according to the level of the pupils, either directly in secondary school (from 6 H terminale), either in college (up to the third year) or finally, in comprehensive school, for more difficult pupils.

In Portugal, 90-minute lessons “require different strategies to engage students over a long period of time”. There are similarities with France. It is, for everyone, first college before high school of the possible triple orientation: vocational, technological or general. CAP not found.

Together with their high school mathematics teacher, the two foreign teachers asked CAP students who are freight delivery drivers to calculate the fastest and most profitable route for the first delivery between Portugal and France and the second between France and Germany.

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The future will take the form of two-week PMFP (Workplace Training Periods) trainings in one of the two countries.

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