Excavator driver dies in Kalinzana

A horrific tragedy occurred Thursday at a construction site located on the road to the lodge in La Flata, Calinzana municipality.

It was about one o’clock in the afternoon when a worker from the construction company Paul Beverage at Manetho’s controls saw, for some unspecified reason, his mechanism flipping through the void, without being able to do anything.

Calvi firefighters, Samo doctors and other rescuers were on the scene quickly while a Civil Security Dragon 2B helicopter was dispatched to the scene.

The accident happened up the road from the La Flatta Inn near the water tank. Unfortunately, despite the speed of the emergency services, there was nothing that could be done for the unfortunate driver who might have been killed on the spot.

Immediately, Pierre Guidouni, mayor of Kalinzana, had a hard time hiding his feelings in the face of such a tragedy.

The victim, Paolo Lo Cardoso, 42, a father of two children aged 3 and 7, of Portuguese origin, had settled in Palani for many years and was known and appreciated by all. His death in such awful circumstances caused great emotion in Kalinzana and across Palani.

My employer Paul Bevergy went there as well and had a hard time holding back his tears. One of his trusted men was Paolo Cardoso.

Immediately, the gendarmes made the first observations to try to understand how such a tragedy occurred.

There were also many people from Kalinzana to go there.

Paolo Cardoso felt so at home in Calinzana that he decided to build his house there.

In this agonizing circumstance, the Stampa Paese editorial staff extend their sincere condolences to all those affected by this mourning.

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