“Everything in my house hurts.”

You have reached a stage of existence where one rejoices in being ” Ms “. “I like being vintage»she admitted in a generous burst of laughter. Helena Nogueira appreciates it even more because she says that she is very happy at the moment, without, of course, allowing ourselves to be so indiscreet about it.

Bohemian upbringing and sticking to the rules

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This respected mattress, it can boast of having reached 52 without a crease. It allows him to gently return the ball to the orders of Bohemian education and too intertwined with the rules of propriety for Sunday. “With us, it was absolutely forbidden to hang around in pajamas and slippers, while that is the dream, right? In my parents’ eyes, it was unreasonable to leave the room without appropriately dressed. They being sixty-eight, they might not have supported us exposing this kind of Intimacy at breakfast.”

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No Sunday night blues

The daughter of a high-ranking college musicologist and executive secretary who fled Salazar’s dictatorship in Portugal to settle in Belgium, she has largely made up for it ever since. In her nest, on the heights of Montmartre, the girl from Petit now enjoys lounging on Sunday mornings in her bathrobe and slippers. ” same “.

But lovely Helena might struggle to appear under her less-than-flattering profile, yet the gorgeous brunette that the Indochina set spotted as a teen would still be featured in their clip. your black eyesDirected by Serge Gainsbourg.

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I loved school and my teachers. So I was often found in the first grade screaming at my wild little buddies

Since then, under the academy’s cunning exterior, she has pursued a career diametrically opposed to the flashy outbursts of her older half-sister Liu. Helena Nogueira wasn’t content with just one thread for her bow.

Model, novelist, singer, actress or TV presenter, the irresistible Sophie of comedyheartbreak These days, he’s back with a Tim Burton-style gothic musical: Blue flowers/black nuptials. The eighth album to her name, but the first on the label she just created, Miuda. But now she’s added another chord to her bow: In June, she will perform her first play at the Théâtre du Rond-Point with Pierre Notte and Christian Cohende, directed by Catherine Schaub.

In slippers, but not lazy then. Because Helena Nogueira has always loved learning. To hear it, we understand she wasn’t having the Sunday night blues. I loved school and my teachers. So I was often found in the first grade screaming at my wild little buddies. I debated reading choices, argued and ultimately won.»

When I was young, we finally really lived in a future where everyone was going about their business, in their own bubble. I read comics

However, she stopped school at the age of 15, “tray – 3”. Arriving from Brussels, the cheers of the Ring Road and the cheers of the Parc des Princes fell asleep at their new residence in the Porte de Saint-Cloud.

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Childhood remained. His singles today are the same as those of yesterday, except his pajamas are gone. “I love nothing more than reading, lying in bed, writing, hanging out, and chatting with people.”explains this inquisitive mind who prefers to read Kundera from his adolescence (The unbearable lightness of being) from falling into social networks.

Everyone tucked away on their smartphones.

“When I was young, we finally lived in a future already where everyone was going about their business, in their bubble. Me, I read comics, my dad wrote his books upstairs, my mom listened to fado and my sister was immersed in books, so focused. It’s impossible to talk to her, She couldn’t hear. What has changed is the placement of the phone: before, it was in the center of the room, everyone could hear the messages left for each other. Now everyone is folded on the screen of their smartphone.”

An hour of jogging and lunch

If you never adhere to the image of Epinal eating breakfast on perfect dishes, then after an hour of jogging, the fifties can split brunch with all the area kids her adopter ended up opening his door to the neighborhood: his 31-year-old son and his friends. “Actually, given their age, it is more like meeting up with friends.”she admits. Pork chiffonend, tomato basil mozzarella, scrambled eggs (which you don’t eat), meat croquettes, shrimp scampi, Portuguese muffins and pancakes, you’ll shop in a hurry. “Everything in my house makes me bored. Even when eating, we spend a lot of time thinking about it. I cook well, but quickly.”

We guess the cheerful vibe when we know he’s always pulling out a guitar in the house. And when night falls, reluctant to watch movies on TV, she can go to an old darkroom on the Left Bank, Action Christine, 3 Luxembourg, where moviegoers share their nostalgia for a time when the love of cinema moved around a Sunday evening movie. . Remember: I am a lady!he recalls in a new wave of young laughter.

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