Euro 2024: 'There is a real urgency' to vote, asks Kylian Mbappé, recalling the day before the Blues' quarter-final

Euro 2024: 'There is a real urgency' to vote, asks Kylian Mbappé, recalling the day before the Blues' quarter-final


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Tomorrow we will provide you with the preliminary match for the quarter-finals of the Blues against Portugal, and the match will be commented on live on our website.


Four duels during the Portugal-France match

Goalkeeper duel Maignan-Costa, Mbappé-Cancelo rival, pivotal against Ronaldo… Tomorrow's match will contain many “matches within a match”.


Beautiful blues picture

Players and staff posed for photos with their first amateur club shirts, creating a great photo.


The Blues are training.

All the Blues are present at training on match day. (Photo by Anthony Dipon/Icon Sport)



Everyone in training


Relive Mbappé's press conference

Ronaldo, legislative elections, the Blues match… the captain of the French national team was questioned on many topics during his press conference.


End of press conference

Didier Deschamps' press conference has just ended.


In tomorrow's match…

“This game can be decided based on a few things. There is a lot of quality in front of us as well as with us. I am convinced that it will be a big game tomorrow. Historically, the results have always been close, but at this stage of the competition, it is rare for there to be big gaps.”


Regular reviewer

“Criticism has always been a part of everyday life. It doesn't stop me from living well, calmly and peacefully.”


Ronaldo remains Ronaldo

“He will always have that ability to score goals, even if he gets older. He remains a very big competitor,” he added.


More changes coming?

“It's true that I haven't done much. Given the intensity, it's not easy to bring them in. As long as the players on the pitch don't show signs of fatigue, I won't change for the sake of change.”


In his report to the press

“I'm not here for what you can say, or write. At some point, if everyone is at the top, you get bored. Whether it's Antoine or Marcus, there are positive things but there are other things, and I tell them, where there must be improvements. »



Portugal, a team that owns the ball

“It's a balance of power. They obviously prefer attack to defence but we met a Holland who were very dominant but relatively cautious against us. Will Portugal be like that against us…?”


On the physical health of the group

“I feel good compared to what we did in the last game. We make sure to improve and distribute between everyone. Today, we are on the eve of the game so it is a little lighter. Even if there are always differences between players, we were able to respond in every game, maybe a little less against Poland…”


End of press conference

Kylian Mbappé's press conference has just ended. Make way for Didier Deschamps.


Mbappe helps Griezmann

“Antoine has been slaughtered a little. The criticism has come mainly from the country. But it is important to have the recognition. It is not shameful to say that he is going through a bit of a complicated period. It is unfortunate that he is a little worse for wear, that they throw him out into the street and scratch him. He is someone who has always given everything for the France team. And being a footballing country means supporting our great players when they are in difficulty. Help him and try to do everything so that he helps us. »


Mbappe about the Portuguese Pepe

“I don't think about the names of the players who will play in the quarter-finals at the age of 41. I can only say to him, 'Respect what you have achieved', even if we don't respect him tomorrow on the pitch.”


Mbappe's little joke on the far right

When a journalist in the press room told him he was “to the far left” of him, the Blues captain replied: “Luckily you weren't on the other side!”



Are you doing more or differently going forward?

“I don’t read the future. So far we have been able to complete all the stages and we have a new stage available. At the moment, we are only focused on Portugal. What happened before and what will happen next is not the most important thing.”


Reasons for believing the attack

“The Euros are always difficult. There are only great teams, and we will go into the details. You have to be important in both areas. There will be two teams with the ambition to reach the semi-finals. In training, there have been improvements in both finishing and intensity.”


Thank you mask!

“This mask is lucky. I have to say thank you to it. Without it I wouldn’t play. But my opinion of my feelings for it won’t change. I have a chance to play tomorrow.”


Don't follow CR7's footsteps at Real Madrid

“I hope to have a great story at Real. But I will not go there to continue writing Cristiano Ronaldo's story there.”


Ronaldo's biography speaks for itself

“I have never been an envious person. There will never be players like him. Ronaldo has scored quite a few generations and goals. His CV speaks for itself. He knew how to reinvent himself. I respect him but I hope he will be less happy tomorrow because we want to go to the semi-finals.”


Who will succeed Rabiot?

“Camavinga has the confidence of the whole group. But if someone else too.”


“There is an urgent need” to go and vote.

“More than ever we have to go vote, it's really urgent. We can't leave our country in the hands of these people. We've seen the results, it's really catastrophic. We hope people will vote, and on the good side.”


Mbappe about Ronaldo

From Hamburg, the France captain referred to his bond with CR7. “Everyone knows how much I admire Cristiano. Playing against him is a great honour for everything he has done in football. No matter what he did before or what happened after, he will remain a legend of the game.



Twenty years ago today..

Greece surprised an entire continent by winning the Euros against hosts Portugal.


When Griezmann appears in the Tour de France


Mbappe expected in the press conference

The Blues captain is expected to appear before the media at 5pm in front of his coach Didier Deschamps.


Netherlands-Türkiye: President Erdogan to travel to Berlin after Merih Demiral's controversial gesture at Euro


A new and bold look for the German Robert Andrich

Clean shaven and above all with pink hair, the Bayer Leverkusen midfielder will not go unnoticed on the pitch against Spain (6pm) tomorrow.


The Blues celebrated Mike Maignan's birthday.

A little moment of celebration before returning to action: On Wednesday, July 3, the Blues celebrated the birthday of the team's goalkeeper, who was celebrating his 29th birthday.


From Tuchel's deputy to Paderborn manager

Benjamin Weber was responsible for video analysis in Thomas Tuchel's staff at Paris Saint-Germain and was the sporting director of SC Padeborn, a German second division club, for a year and a half. He agreed to host us in the offices of the city club that will host the Blues during Euro 2024.


Portugal-France: Our latest articles to discover


Blues program this Thursday

The French team headed to Hamburg on Thursday morning and is scheduled to arrive at lunchtime.

Didier Deschamps and the player will appear Press conference at 5:00 pm At the Volksparkstadion, the venue of tomorrow's match. The last practice before the big night will be held at 6:00 p.m..


Good morning all !

Welcome to the “Parisian” website to follow with us today the news related to Euro 2024. On the eve of the match and the final adjustments for the Blues, before their quarter-final match against Portugal tomorrow evening!


Match day for the blues

  • The first two Euro 2024 quarter-finals, including France's match, will be played on Friday after two days without matches.
  • The Blues will face Portugal in Hamburg (9pm). The other quarter will feature two title contenders: Germany, the host nation, and Spain (6pm).
  • The final training session before the match is scheduled for Thursday, and the traditional pre-match press conference with coach Didier Deschamps and one of the players.

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