Epic Games raised $144 million to help Ukraine

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, many video game players have provided financial support to the Ukrainian people through various measures or donations. Epic Games They have also taken the exceptional measure of ensuring that they receive all the income they will receive from them It is an electronic game Between March 20 and April 3, donations will be made directly to associations and organizations that help the victims of this war. And in just two weeks, The publisher has raised $144 million To be donated to this humanitarian aid.

A record amount of aid to Ukraine

In partnership with Xboxthat contributed to this effort by reducing its share of the profits on sales made on its platforms, So Epic Games was able to rely on the popularity of its game to raise $144 million, which will be donated to UNICEF, the World Food Program, the United Nations Refugee Agency, World Central Kitchen and Direct Relief..

This amount will then allow the Ukrainians to be helped by providing them with food and means that they can afford during this terrible period.

It is a wonderful process to welcome, which has made it possible to raise awareness in the gaming community of what is happening in Ukraine, while providing tangible material assistance to the victims. Especially since Epic Games did not hesitate to launch this process at the same time as Chapter 3 Season 2In order to maximize the attractiveness of the game, and thus increase donations.

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