English Premier League – Day 10: Manchester United dominate Tottenham (2-0) without Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United need it. The logical winner in Tottenham (2-0), Manconian FC took the opportunity to get close to the top four in the Premier League. The Red Devils are now one point behind Chelsea and four points behind their evening opponent (with another game to play). Fred (1-0, 47th place) and Bruno Fernandes (2-0, 69th place) achieved this success after returning from the locker room when Hugo Lloris worked wonders for 45 minutes and more. Having already won against Arsenal and Liverpool, Manchester United confirms its good behavior against the leaders of the tournament.

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Instead of the whole match, Ronaldo joins the locker room before the end

6 hours ago

From the start, Manchester United took the lead in this encounter and never lost their grip while Tottenham somehow tried to break through the opponent’s half. Casemiro and Fred shone in front of the defence, well managed by Bruno Fernandez and Anthony. With this dominant midfielder facing Pierre-Emile Hojberg, Yves Bissoma and Rodrigo Bentancourt, Eric Ten Hag’s players were in complete control of the match. Only Harry Kane was able to power David de Gea (45, 68) by framing two of his eight spurs. Gunshots when Manchester tried their luck twenty-eight times.

Loris, cold sweat and party

The only man to take part in the event besides Tottenham, Hugo Lloris, has pushed back the deadline as far as possible. However, the Frenchman’s evening could have started in the worst possible way. He went off target on a deep ball saved by Doherty, barely diverting the long shot from Anthony (7th). It was on the next action that he began his novel with criticism of Fred’s attempt at the (seventh) angle. Marcus Rashford (21, 49, 74), Bruno Fernandes (23) and Luke Shaw (24) in turn saw the Frenchman come out with elegant calms to keep Spurs in the match.

Clause 200 million for Haaland: “The siren from Real Madrid will sound very quickly”

When he was hit, it was his position that saved him from facing Anthony (10th) and then Casemiro’s tense shot hit his center (29). Thanks to the payment, Manchester was logically rewarded. Finally Loris had to bend after a harmless shot from Fred after the break. The Brazilian sent a full shot from the left axis that Davies kept clear, taking his goalkeeper on the wrong foot (1-0, 47). Often in good shots, Fred was the origin of the second goal with his desire to shoot from the surface. Dyer responded to Fernandez who took charge without control with a curling shot from the unstoppable right (2-0, 69).

Recent changes by Antonio Conte did not bring the expected rebellion and Spurs suffered their second defeat of the season after that, against Arsenal. Manchester United are taking advantage of Chelsea’s draw to get one point closer to their London counterpart and can come closer to Tottenham if they win the late game. But before facing the Blues on Saturday, the Red Devils will have to deal with the case of Cristiano Ronaldo. Frustrated at the lack of participation, the Portuguese left the bench in the 90th minute to join the locker room without waiting for the end of the match. Knowing the peculiarity of Old Trafford with the fairway located at the level of a corner, so Ronaldo calmly walked along the field to come out in full view.

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Calm Tottenham winner Everton

10/15/2022 at 6:26 PM

Premier League

Historic CR7 and United raise their heads

10/09/2022 at 19:54

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