Emmanuel Macron, chameleon head

Written by Oliver Fay

Posted on Feb 14, 2022 at 05:56 – Updated Feb 15, 2022 at 08:41

Michelle Welbeck feels dizzy. Leaning toward his friend Jerome Comet, a 13-year-old mayorAnd the Paris district: “Have you often spent evenings like this, haven’t you?” The Elysee and its doctrine persecuted the great patriotic writer as much as they persecuted him. Blue jacket, white shirt, red tie… On April 18, 2019, he decorated himself in the colors of the tricolor flag at the Legion of Honor gala hosted by Emmanuel Macron. About thirty guests wander into the ambassadors’ lounge while waiting for the head of state. Former President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy, Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire, novelist Frédéric Begbeder, or philosopher Alain Finkelkraut enjoying in the middle of the gates the oils, who serve drinks to the guests. Managing Editor current values, Jeffroy Legon and his journalist Charlotte Dornellas are also there.

The writer fell in love with the duo, who gave him “the one” three times in just over a year. The two friends see Houellebecq as the frustrated poet of the West. They love hearing him praise Donald Trump or Eric Zemmour or make fun of the European Union. To Jeffroy Legon, author Submit (Flammarion, 2015) He admitted in recent months that he has not been honored by the Republic. The head of the far-right weekly reported the information to the “memory” adviser to the head of state, Bruno Roger Petit – a friend – who then passed it on to Emmanuel Macron.

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This is a great opportunity to reform injustice and bring about a political revolution at the same time. The chasm that separates him from the writer is of little importance. exactly the contrary. A few weeks after the “yellow vests” crisis, the former banker does not want to “Do not lose the connection with the popular France, who reads Houellebecq, listens to Jean-Marie Bigard and goes to the Puy du Fou”, The palace is summed up in a strange storm vortex.

“I chose boldness”

Emmanuel Macron appears at the party. His speech—sixteen pages engraved on the comma, and even today confined to the closed doors of the Elysée—quotes meticulously every Houellebecq book. From this work the President of the Republic maintains “something mysterious and unreportable”, which appears. The author, according to him, is a living contradiction. Gray world novelist At the same time “romantic” ; “The agnostic who desperately searches for faith” ; “retroactive” but also “insight” ; “conservative” And the “provocative” ; “The moralist who is not averse to obscenity” ; “anti-feminist” who will see Welcoming the advent of a world ruled by women.

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