Emergency medicine nurse earns two million dollars by selling course notes

An American nurse became a millionaire by selling her lecture notes on the Internet.

Stephanie Biggs, 28, started selling her lecture notes after graduating from nursing school in California, and quickly skyrocketed to internet fame unintentionally.

“I was studying for exams, what they call NCLEX in nursing school. She explained, according to New York Post.

The young woman started recording herself reciting her lessons and then posted them on the networks that people loved. Therefore, Beggs regularly shares his knowledge with his 650k followers on TikTok since 2020.

Then his followers asked him to sell his written notes. “I started a shop that eventually went viral,” she said, adding that she was selling study papers.

The young lady sells her lessons from $2 for one file, and up to $30 or even $40 for all files on the same topic. For $115, students can purchase a note packet on Etsy. Thus, she claims to have earned two million dollars this way.

Beggs also sells merchandise, such as binders, notebooks, or posters.

The nurse said she has made her RNExplained brand a full-time job, while continuing to teach pharmacology and her work as an emergency nurse.

Stephanie Biggs now has a YouTube channel to continue teaching online.

“Finally, I am so excited to be able to influence my nursing and health journeys, just as they have impacted my life,” she wrote.

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