Elon Musk Says Taking Tesla Special Will Be An ‘Impossible’ Mission

Elon Musk Says Taking Tesla Special Will Be An 'Impossible' Mission

It is impossible” Elon Musk To turn around Tesla Private – despite the CEO’s belief that getting rid of Electric car manufacturer Of her duties as a prof General He said on Christmas Eve that the company would help accelerate innovation.

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“The engineering, design, and general company operations capture the vast majority of my mind and are the primary constraint to doing more,” Musk tweeted In response to a user who was speculating on the best way a tech entrepreneur could devote his time. “Tesla’s public duties are a much bigger factor, but getting private is impossible now (sigh).”

Tesla, which was added to the benchmark S&P 500 Index this week, has seen its shares rise 670 percent since the start of the year. With nearly $ 630 billion in market value, Tesla will be its largest acquisition ever.

Tesla X.- Reuters / Arend Wegmann

Musk became famous I got into hot water With the Securities and Exchange Commission after sending a tweet on August 7, 2018, it said he was “considering taking a Tesla special at $ 420. Funding is guaranteed.”

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The fate joke pushed him to pay a $ 20 million fine and led to him being forced to step down from his role as Tesla boss.

Musk on Thursday also chirp That Starlink – the satellite company that broadcasts the internet within SpaceX – is his next project likely to go public, saying it will become public “once revenue growth is reasonably expected.”

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