Election update, 1000 km range, test Sunday 28 Route 4

Election update, 1000 km range, test Sunday 28 Route 4

Hello everyone, here is the 01net morning show! What did you miss this weekend? Find all the news you need to know to start the week right.

Things to remember in the news

Is it still possible to register on the electoral rolls? How to make a power of attorney online? With June 30 just weeks away and July 7 just a few weeks away, here's what you need to know to stay up to date on voting.

Read by proxy online, registering on electoral lists.. How to be informed about voting on June 30?

The idea of ​​an electric car with a range of more than 1,000 kilometers is a dream. But to achieve such a range of operation, it is still better to avoid a race on battery size, which would continue to make cars heavier and make them more expensive than they already are. Fortunately, there are more sustainable solutions to come.

Read 1000 kilometers of autonomy in an electric car: a credible goal or an impossible dream?

With a very versatile tire, in common with the gravel model, and good equipment, the Dimanche 28 Road 4 seems to be an excellent compromise to enjoy long hikes without getting too tired.

Read the Dimanche 28 Road 4 test: The electric road bike for everyone

The next major update to the iPhone operating system brings several new features. But in addition to the features officially introduced by Apple, iOS 18 has many small improvements that are sure to improve your daily life. Here are a few.

Read iOS 18: 18 new features for your iPhone that Apple didn't talk about

Some wear pearls, others double down on blunders like Sonos. After a major update to the application that dissatisfied a large number of users, the audio products manufacturer fears the worst with its new confidentiality policy.

Read Sonos: After a failed update, major concerns have emerged about confidentiality

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