El Niño return this spring: Sweltering heat and breeding storms on the horizon?

El Niño return this spring: Sweltering heat and breeding storms on the horizon?

La Niña, which generally leads to three years of warming, should subside in March, giving way to El Niño and its higher degrees, according to the probabilities calculated by meteorologists.

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“So the summer will be hotter in certain regions of the world and also raise fears of more droughts and more heat waves, especially for regions of Quebec, eastern North America,” explains meteorologist Gilles Brain in an interview with LCN.

The extremely hot winters in many countries are worrying specialists.

“So we say to ourselves, if the La Niña cycle currently has cooler temperatures, imagine what happens with El Niño, and that’s what happens next year.” Mr. Brain says.

El Niño should cause the thermometer to rise.

“Currently, computers predict a strong El Nino, that is, a difference in ocean temperature of 2-3 degrees,” the meteorologist specifies.

With warmer temperatures under La Niña and warmer temperatures expected under El Niño, many scientists are concerned about accelerating climate change, according to Gil Brain.

“The value that should not be exceeded is 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to the 1850s, when there was neither much oil nor carbon in the atmosphere. But there in 2023-2024, with the influence of El Niño, we expect to exceed 1.5 inches,” he explains.

Big differences can cause more extreme weather events.

“If we end up with a 2 or 3, there are extremes because we know that relative to the atmosphere, the heat we give off is fuel for storms and hurricanes and hurricanes,” says Jill Brin.

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He also remembers that Quebec had already, last summer, been hit by more hurricanes than usual.

“14 instead of 6, and we were under La Niña. So if El Niño is coming next summer, you can tie your tuk-up,” warns the meteorologist.

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