EL (M) – J10 | The bad operation of Nantes

Alexis Burgess, Benfica.

On this last day, Nantes lost nothing against Portugal and finished third. Aside from Nim who seems to have a more favorable position, the Hab has powerful opponents for the Eights.

Although GOG was defeated at Lemgo, Nantes lost to Portugal and had to cross swords with Berlin. Toulouse in the evening will be opposed by the opponents of H: the formidable Portuguese Benfica Lisbon. Finally, PAUC managed to secure a victory this season by overtaking Logrono. This victory sends Nimes against Gorenje Velenge into the Round of 16. Among the various posters for the Round of 16, the French have some of the strongest opponents.

First group: Blok comes to spoil the party in Berlin

at Max Schmeling Haley, Berlin Receive WL In the most anticipated confrontations in the first group. The match is tense and tense for 60 minutes between two very good teams. The Poles would not be able to escape more than two lengths in the first term (15-16, 30), and neither team would manage to break away in the second. Jacob Holm (7/9) leads his team superbly while Michel Dask and Sergey Mark Kosorotov (5 goals each) fueling the result to form Xavi Sabati. Finally, it was the Russian who planted his team’s 30th achievement 3 seconds ago to present the victory to the visitors (29-30). Despite losing at home in the first leg, Block’s players took advantage of Berlin’s defeat at Toulouse to take the top spot.

Jeff Lettens, Toulouse.

at home against i’m runningbetween two teams that had nothing to play for, Toulouse He saw himself being mistreated. During a tight confrontation from start to finish, it was driven by a duel between Jeff Lettens (15/41, 37%) and Jose Manuel Sierra (12 saves), no team can decide (26-26). And if Toulouse thinks he’s close to winning (23-21, 53 degrees), half-midfielder Adrien Ferrandez (6/10) and 18-year-old left-back Eniko Forondarina (5/7) were able to reverse the situation (24-26, 58′). Then he takes the fifth goal from Mathieu Marmer and an achievement on the young axis bell Idris Vermesi to share points.

In the last game, the Slovaks Presov He won in Switzerland against Fadi Winterthur Avoid finishing last. Although loaned to Montpellier Gyuri Tskofribadze In good shape (7/10) and a great performance by 18-year-old Swiss left winger Noam Leopold (8/9) the visitors will be able to make the difference at the end of the thrill, in the final two minutes. (27-31). Strongmen Oliver Rabeck (8/12) and Thomas Ricard (7/8) were decisive in attacking once again.

Belloni Moreira, Benfica.

The second set: a few seconds you will have carried everything to Nantes

In group B, limgowho had no more to play for, yet he cared about receiving leaders Gog. Unlike their trip to Finland last week, the Germans have a full team and resolute determination. They are also the ones to take over after a quarter of an hour of play, motivated by a Gideon Guardiola Prolific in attack in the first act (19-17, 30′). This gap, TBV will be able to maintain during the second part of the highly offensive match, as Bjarke Mar Ellison Holidays again (10/11). Although 9 goals Emile Lark And Madsen, Godmy Club was transcended in the time of money and logical brackets (39-35). With this defeat, the Danish nursery is forced to look into the rear-view mirror, as a horde of Violets prepares to vanquish …

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Campus of Roc Ovensk HBC Nantes He travels to Portugal with an emphatic goal at the beginning of the evening: to reach first place. But nothing seems easy against a strong team of BenficaWhich the French failed to win despite the absence of Portuguese executives. But the start of the match was almost perfect for Alberto Entrerios’ men.

Valero Rivera, Nantes.

Solutions are easily found in the attack, where the defense blocks Petar Djurdic several times (2-6, 8′). However, Chema Rodriguez’s protectors quickly adapted and found solutions at the forward base, where Alexis Borges and Jonas Kalman They will enjoy themselves (8 goals between them in the first chapter). The locals are gradually returning, and the doorman will help them well Sergi Hernandez. On the wing, in the counterattack or twice on penalties, the Spaniard will severely limit the enthusiasm of Nantes and allow his people to remain on equal footing (14-14, 27). But in the last moments, while Lucas de la Breach ruled out for two minutes, a comebackEmric Min Brings the second face to the attack of Nantes. After his goal, the Tournefeuille-trained player brilliantly sends Lazarov to put his team ahead at the break (15-1630 minutes).

The return of the win to the three-axis game

Since the beginning of the second half, the Portuguese returned quickly. Lazar Kokec, the true accelerator of his team, splendidly directs his attack and causes great difficulties to the purple defense. In contrast, the attack was less successful, and both teams are back at the start of the money time. The exit from Kukic, along with the entry of Minne is a good thing, and the French International plants two pralines in quick succession to stay on par. Only here, the Spanish tactic breaks out of his game in the seventh with three axes, which is what achieved his success in the first leg. The device is formidable and it’s the Portuguese formation that is one minute from the end (30-29, 59).

Robin Marchand and Nantes.

Valero Rivera He scored from the penalty spot before his opponents spent a minute long attacking… It ended with a goal from Lazar Kokic a few seconds before time was up. However, the residents of Nantes managed to raise the ball and provoke the elimination of Paulo Moreno, who, however, would not result in the desired 7-meter throw. So the people of Nantes return with defeat, synonymous with third place (31-30).

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Group C: PAUC’s last showdown

At the opening, the Slovenes Gorenje Velingi Went to perform the feat in Savhof, which did not have anything else to play. After racing behind for 50 minutes, despite the apparent under-exploitation of Sweden’s strongmen, the visitors would tighten their defense and make an unimaginable comeback (25-21, 50; 26-27, 59 degrees). Despite the impressive performance of the 19-year-old Swedish right winger Malta Cylander (6/8), the locals allowed Vilenge to win and put pressure on the Spaniards, for whom victory became imperative. Aix-en-Provence.

And while the latter was eliminated athletically, Thierry Antey’s men had their most successful performance in the European League against them Logrono. Despite Jorge Perez Molina’s stratosphere in the opposite cage (18 saves), PAUC managed to start off with a very high offensive standard, with Christian Kristianjon And the William Acambrai Leading the way (19-16, 30). The second half of the match is run perfectly, with Wesley Bardeen (11 saves) and opponents never coming back less than 4 lengths. The latter failed 6 units, leaving the Provençals to leave the competition well, and with a win (37-31).

Pays d’Aix University Club.

Finally, a reception Magdeburg to me Appendix It does not matter to anyone and was not surprised. The Croats kept in touch for 40 minutes, with Hassan Fakhruddin Melich (7/9), but let the Germans get their hands on the match in the last quarter of the hour (24-28). Among the goals scored by the Magdeburgers, we note the importance of a Matthias Moshe Surgical (8/8) and A Michael Damgard Less accurate but no less dangerous (10/20).

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Fourth group: No miracle for Athens

In this group D, not everything has been written yet. And if Neem is guaranteed to be the first, and Tabania to be the last, GreeksAthena, 5, can still dream of taking second place. However, nothing happened, and AEK was run over in Macedonia. with one Marton Zickley Impassable (14 saves 44%), the match has not yet been folded at the break (10-8, 30 degrees). But when he resumes the attack in the second act, with arms Step Mandalinic Tabouda (13 goals among them), the match turned quickly (30-19). We will continue to applaud the new good performance of the Brazilian Patrick Toniazio (8/11), who hurt Bnem last week.

Muhammad Sanad, Nimes.

syllabus Specifically, he failed to win in Portugal. The lead in the first term dissolves rapidly before breaking (13-17, 26; 17-18, 30), and the second term is in favor of Sporting Lisbon. And for good reason, the 17-year-old right-back Francisco Mota He again threw an inappropriate match with 11 goals. He is still on the line 3 minutes from the end of time, and it was the latter who set up two crucial goals to score an important win for his team (32-30).

to end, Schaffhausen She kept her rank when she received it Tabania. The gap widened in the second half, under the guidance of defenders Luca Maros and Jonas Schelker (7 goals each), with valuable support from the Spanish goalkeeper Ignacio Biusca (12 stops at 46%). The Swiss quietly won (32-26) and back to third place, thanks to a particularly favored average goal over the Portuguese.

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