Earth and Jupiter have something unexpected in common!

from the first look, JupiterJupiter There is not much in common between the land. Mostly a gas giant planethydrogenhydrogen And the’heliumhelium from direction. a rocky planetrocky planet and size “human” with one atmospheresatmospheres dominatednitrogennitrogenI’oxygenoxygen and water vapor on the other hand. Until now Researchers from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences just enter a lighta light Commonalities that few of us would have suspected.

For this, they took advantage of a specific property of the Juno probe. Its ability to measure impulses radioradio Generated by electricity in Jupiter’s atmosphere with a AccuracyAccuracy very fine. For one-eighth of a thousandth of a second. The data returned by the expedition made it possible to show this in Joe Giant planetGiant planetthere LightningLightning It spreads in pulses, at a rate similar to that of LightningLightning that form in storm clouds over our land. Like a thrill-hiker climbing a mountain, stopping after each step to catch his breath, the researchers say.

An amazing discovery that could have implications for the search for extraterrestrial life. Because the work showed that on Earth, lightning could have played a role in creating the essential elements of life. And if you acted the same way on other planets, you might have planted the seeds of life there too!

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