Dune will return to the world of video games

Gamescon has brought its share of advertisements and among those, fans of Dune novels will be delighted since studio Funcom revealed that it is working on a cool project called Dune: Awakening.

Featured Image: Funcom

An early trailer was revealed on opening night of the event in Cologne, Germany, in which a character is seen in the desert giving a monologue about fear and the importance of overcoming it.

All with helicopters and a sandstorm in the distance, before setting off in combat, facing off against one of the famous sandworms!

It’s a trailer that says little about the game in general… but it manages to grab attention!

In this universe recreated from the novels by Frank Herbert and also from the movie by Denis Villeneuve, players will be able to gather in a large MMORPG, in an environment similar to the planet of Arrakis.

They will have to survive there by building their first shelter and, over time, their bases and platoons. Of course, searching for treasures or trying to collect spices, will lead to clashes with other players and the Arrakis environment!

We are far from Dune 2 for PC published by Westwood Studios in 1992!

At the moment, there’s no official release date for Dune: Awakening, nor more details on how we’ll be able to play it. We hope to get a taste of it all sooner rather than later!

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