Drought and boom in reagent use: What does science tell us about these water hunters?

Drought and boom in reagent use: What does science tell us about these water hunters?

Here, there is no magic formula or potion. But two rods or a pendulum. The detector claims to use these two tools to detect groundwater. There is no school of scouts to master, which in their opinion will be a unique “sensitivity”. It will allow them to feel the “magnetic field of the water”. This is called the membrane. But behind this practice, few scientific sources. In fact, all experiments conducted on this subject have proven inconclusive.

The largest experiment conducted to date dates back to 1986. She is very serious. It was conducted at the behest of the German government, which wanted to know if dowsing was a real talent in order to exploit it, and it was conducted for two years by physicists from the University of Munich. The protocol strictly respects the so-called “double-blind” study. A cart full of moving water rotates on a ten-meter axis under a false floor. Above, the detector has only to determine the position of the water, using the instruments of its choice. Each time, someone who doesn’t know where the water is, writes down the results. The first phase of experiments aims to find “Better” Sources. From the first test group of 500 participants, only 43 were found to be reliable. In all, this second sample performed 843 tests in 104 series, over a two-year period. Each time the velocity of the water and its content of sand, gravel or salt are adjusted. As a result, six of the top 43 participants achieved slightly better results by chance alone. That is 1.2% of the total number of people who attended this trial.

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