Double or nothing: Biden risks debate with Trump

Double or nothing: Biden risks debate with Trump

There is a big difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. This is self-evident. Despite everything we see and hear, the scales are not tipped in favor of the Democratic side. So, on to the great evils… the big words.

Even for Donald Trump, who wallows in hyperbole, especially when it comes to assessing a crowd, a lot of people gathered on a beach in Wildwood, New Jersey, last Saturday. Was their number 100,000, as the former president boasted, or less than 30,000, as more detached observers estimated?

Regardless, it was a lot of people who made the trip to hear Donald Trump go around, denigrating Biden and the Democrats, and of course, retaliating against the trials against him, that famous “witch hunt.”

Biden does it with simplicity

This crowd can be compared to the choices of Joe Biden's campaign team. Last weekend, he was on the West Coast holding a series of fundraising events: 300 people seated in the “Sanctuary Grand Ballroom” at the Lotte Hotel in Seattle; About thirty people are sitting and about fifty people are standing at the residence of a wealthy man in Medina, who is still in Washington State.

And in Palo Alto, California, according to the correspondent of the… Washington Post“The president spoke in a fairly intimate room, like a combined living room and kitchen; He added, “About 30 people attended these statements, which lasted about 17 minutes.” It had nothing to do with the speeches delivered by his Republican rival, which lasted nearly two hours.

Other differences and other disadvantages

Donald Trump has been on trial for financial fraud for more than a month. It has been described extensively in the media. Day after day, the betrayals, vulgarities and deceptions follow, each more embarrassing than the last. What effect does it have on the Republican candidate?

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Absolutely nothing, based on the latest WHO survey The New York Times In the major states. Among registered voters, only Joe Biden leads Donald Trump in Wisconsin. And everywhere else – Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona – Trump leads his Democratic opponent… by as much as a dozen points in Nevada. Clearly, Joe Biden needed to bring a new tone to this race.

Discuss, as quickly as possible

To Trump's repeated calls for Biden to hold the debate “anywhere, anytime,” the Democratic candidate finally answered yes, but on his terms: no audience in the room and microphones that are cut off immediately when one candidate's time runs out and the other speaks.

Both camps were also complicit, marginalizing Robert F. Kennedys With heavy requirements to qualify: He would need at least 15% voting intentions at four approved polling places and be registered in enough states to be able to hope to win a majority of Electoral College votes.

Kennedy, the alternative to be forgotten

If anyone still doubts the lack of confidence caused by the nomination of the former president's nephew, this agreement should dispel any doubt. RFKGs He cannot currently win the presidential elections, but opinion polls indicate that he is extracting votes from Biden and Trump to an almost equal extent. Making him disappear suits both sides who have nothing but contempt for each other.

The challenge remains enormous for Joe Biden. There's no getting away from it, he looks older, speaks more slowly, and moves hesitantly. In comparison, Donald Trump gives incoherent speeches and makes many meaningless statements, but he appears energetic and seemingly inexhaustible.

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Both debates will be held earlier than originally planned, giving the candidates time to recover if they make a mistake. Joe Biden must silence doubts about his age and skills to continue governing. To him, this would seem like an end-of-session exam; He will have no choice but to pass it.

Usually debate

Presidential elections 2020

The first debate between Trump and Biden was so chaotic that it was described as a “disgrace” and “the worst presidential debate ever staged.”

Archive photo from Agence France-Presse

September 29, 2020

Cleveland, Ohio

73 million viewers


(CBS News)

Double or nothing: Biden risks debate with Trump

The second debate between Biden and Trump was praised for being less antagonistic and “vaguely more respectful.”

Archive photo from Agence France-Presse

October 22, 2020

Nashville, Tennessee

63 million viewers



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