Don’t miss this weekend the exceptional alignment of Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn

This is a rare formation that will beautify the sky Leila From this Sunday, April 17: Perfect alignment of the four planetsAnd VenusMars, Saturn And Jupiter. Already, the first three have appeared together in the sky since the end of March; He will be joining them soon gas giant Jupiter, which will be close to the horizon. JustNorthern Hemisphere He will be able to enjoy the offer until the end of the month with an extension apex Around the 23rd of April. Peak visibility will be between 5:30 AM and 6:30 AM when Jupiter exits the horizon. After this date, the planets will still be visible together, but they will not form a single line anymore.

but more nice event Will come later! On June 24, 2022, these are all planets solar system Which will line up in the sky: This is called the procession of planets. Among them, only five are visibleEye naked: MercuryVenus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. for the last two, Neptune And Uranusfrom astronomical telescopes or one telescope will need. They will all operate from east to south – or from north to east inSouthern Hemisphereand will not necessarily be visible at the same time of night, due to its long expanse in the sky.

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