Donald Trump drags the Republican Party down: the 2016 scenario repeats itself

Donald Trump drags the Republican Party down: the 2016 scenario repeats itself

Progress does not change, but the ability to remember. George Santayana argued that those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.

The philosopher’s famous words seem to have been carried out for the sake of the 2023 Republican Party.

Already a lot of candidates

I still remember my amusing reaction when Donald Trump descended the steps of Trump Tower to announce his candidacy for the 2016 reelection. He gave in to racing to get back to what he does best: putting on a show.

As for the show, you were right, but nothing prepared us for the aftermath of a completely crazy race where we would find up to 17 candidates!

The rest of the story, you know it. Surprisingly ardent, unwise or overly proud of Trump supporters, many candidates have stuck around beyond reason, splitting the vote and letting the future 45H Head to accumulate wins during the primaries.

GOP strategists know they must avoid this scenario and yet the number of nominations will increase by two this week. Last Friday, Sen. Tim Scott formalized his participation and Ron DeSantis is expected to do the same in the coming days.

Nikki Haley, Ryan Binkley, Larry Elder, Asa Hutchinson, Perry Johnson, Vivek Ramaswamy and Trump should be added to these two new players.

Already nine nominations and it is believed that Mike Pence will plunge into the fray as well-known personalities such as Greg Abbott, Chris Sununu, Glenn Youngkin and Kristi Noem are in the mutt. It’s definitely too much.

Trump can’t win anymore

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On Sunday, Louisiana Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy dared to say what more and more Republicans think without publicly acknowledging it. Interview by Jake Tapper on the show state of the Union, Release: “I don’t think Trump can win the general electionThe former president will lose to Biden.

Despite the loyalty of his base, Donald Trump can no longer erode votes elsewhere from the electorate. Many voters are tired of the perpetual circus and don’t intend to reward it with a record number of serious or very serious lawsuits.

There are still a few months before the primaries begin, but party strategists will have to react quickly to decide who should be favored over Trump while hoping others give way.

The Republican formation has no shortage of candidates capable of isolating Biden. DeSantis, Haley, and especially Tim Scott can seriously hurt the incumbent, but first they must avoid playing the Donald Trump game.

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