DocLisboa Portuguese and sad at the same time – Editing

DocLisboa Portuguese and sad at the same time – Editing


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In its twentieth edition, the Documentary Film Festival presents an impressive selection of films saturated with humor and gloom, giving prominence to portraits of artists and writers.

Boom DiaCinema is not dead, nor is documentary cinema. The DocLisboa Festival, one of the most enthusiastic international sanctuaries, is celebrating its 20th edition these days, in the Portuguese capital where it was born in 2002. In that first year, it seems that an unknown young director has come on the other side of the world. , in front of a few people, is a long-running film about the collapse of a large industrial complex, in northeastern China. Western tracks Written by Wang Bing, Rust and Time is destined to remain, somewhere in the collective memory, as one of the most beautiful films ever made. Nor did he disbelieve such a sentence that Godard liked to quote recently by Elias Canetti: “You are not sad enough to make the world a better place.” All this to say that there is hope, and that there is despair, one because of the other, the other for one reason, and especially in cinema: in documentary cinema again.

sublime anger

At the end of this documentary’s competitions, it is strange that the haunting, jaded, dreary strings of a fairly simple short film still hover above the rest: in I saw, “Jay-Fu” by young Russian director Vadim Kostrov (in exile), two young men meet to record a piece, a long solo of melancholy guitar, which we listen to many times, which calls up the overlay of others images. Those from a walk in the woods, somewhere…

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