Do dogs cry with joy?

Do dogs cry with joy?

New studyPublished in the magazine current biologyIndeed, he reveals that the dogs seem to cry with joy when they find their master.

It wouldn’t be a complete surprise. previous works It has previously been shown that dogs “understand” human behaviors and emotions, but this is the first time that scientists have explored the link between emotional stimulation and the volume of tears in animals. Animal behaviorists and veterinarians from Azabu University, Japan, performed the Schirmer test (an eye test that checks the amount of tear fluid) before and after dogs were reunited with their masters. They discovered that dogs produce more tears when reunited with their masters than before.

But other experts They expressed their doubtsHow to calculate the amount of tears that can be affected by a dog’s movements.

And the same team of researchers had already shown in 2015 that oxytocin, the “love hormone,” increases in dogs and their masters when they look at each other.

The authors of this study point out that it should not be concluded that dogs experience emotions in the same way as humans. The evolution and domestication of our four-legged friends have allowed them to be excellent visual communicators. Thus, in order to attract the attention of their masters to take care of them, dogs over the course of evolution have developed certain behaviors, such as … looking at their human with teary eyes, explains Takefumi Kikusui, one of the authors of this publication.

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