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On vacations and on long trips, especially in sweltering temperatures, it’s time to talk about the Zelda Hyrule Shield Carrying Case for the Nintendo Switch Lite.

This isn’t Nakon’s first attempt at wearing protective gear. They are famous for providing players with various accessories and technologies to enhance the player experience as well as for their convenience. In this sense, the company is considering its hardware for Nintendo Switch consoles.

The Big N is one of three “must have” consoles right now, along with the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. The particularity of this converter is its hybrid aspect. So it is possible to play it on a home console but you can also take it with you everywhere. For this reason, it’s perfectly normal to spot a few Switch consoles on public transportation or on major seasonal trips.

To prevent your Nintendo Switch from drifting in your feet or in your backpacks unprotected, Nacon created the portable bags. The manufacturer did this with the first game console, and he repeated it with the Nintendo Switch Lite which is easy to transport as it does not require a base and is thus a portable game console.

So here we will be discussing the Zelda Hyrule Shield Carrying Case designed specifically for the “Lite”.

Sobriety and elegance

If this transport bag is alluring, it is first and foremost for sobriety and elegance. If some covers are not secret at all and feature illustrations of video game heroes, then these covers remain “secret” in every respect.

So fans of the Zelda license will recognize the shield that is doubly present in its design. In the middle of the pocket and on the zipper. I find the design super elegant and inspiring. On the other hand, this is not striking because the cover displays a flexible black nylon material, and on the other hand it can catch the attention of game lovers.In my opinion, it will last over time.

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Since we’re on hardware, let’s get into the details. This 1680D nylon is renowned for its tenacity and during the few months of use it has never shown any sign of wear or deterioration. Admittedly, it’s not like I gave it to the kids in the nursery, but for simple use, it does more than the job.

It has a handle that makes it easy to transport. Dimensional level We start with a length of 23 cm, a depth of 45 mm and a height of 15 cm.

When it comes to utility, it includes four slots for games and two for a memory card.

Finally, if you would like to get and use the Zelda Hyrule Shield carrying case on your Nintendo Switch Lite, it is indicated Priced at €19.99 on the official Nacon website.

If you are interested in other gaming equipment, go to try a game on this page.

As an indication of convenience, we chose to use official Nacon images. Second, this product was sent to us by Nacon but not involved in any involvement or funding behind it.


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