Discover the 7 games on display in March 2022

Sony, Epic Games, and Microsoft aren’t the only ones distributing games every month. If the Amazon offer is definitely more discreet, it often contains a few coins. Here are the seven (!) titles shown in March 2022.

But first of all, remember that to get access to these free games, you’ll need an active Amazon Prime subscription. The e-commerce giant’s presentation is presented in €5.99 per month or €49 per yearand gives access, in addition to the gaming part, to free delivery or to the Prime Video catalog.

If you are already subscribed, here’s what awaits you:

  • Madden NFL 22American football simulation from EA Sports
  • Surviving from MarsA management game that will allow you to colonize the red planet
  • Crypt against all oddswhere it will be about cryptocurrency and hackers to attack
  • look insidea puzzle game where you will have to discover family secrets
  • pesterquestHomestuck, a game inspired by the comic book world
  • SteamWorld Mission: Hand of GilgamechIt is a paper-based role-playing game
  • stillness of winda game in which you have to take care of your goats

To get all seven titles, head over to the Amazon Prime Gaming page and click “Grab it” to add the game to your library. Note that the February titles are still available for a few hours.

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