Discover the 2-player mode on Super Punch-Out!! 28 years after its release

It’s crazy to think that, 28 years after its release, secrets can still be discovered in the classics. A Twitter user has already discovered that there is a mode for Super Punch-Out players on the Super Nintendo.

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Super punch!! It is a sequel to the classic NES series released in 1987, in which we play a boxer named Little Mac, who will rise through the ranks by defeating many opponents. Each opponent has their own peculiarities in their attacks and you will have to learn them by heart to beat them.

Since 1994, we’ve always believed Super Punch-Out!! On Super Nintendo is a game that is designed to be explored solo. However, it seems that all this time there has been something like a two-player mode, where we can control our opponent with the second controller.

It’s very easy to play too

Twitter user Unlisted Cheats, who specializes in finding secrets in games, has just highlighted a set of keys that can be made to operate this gamer mode. To achieve this, all you have to do is:

  • Go to the game title screen
  • On the player 2 console, press and hold the R and Y . buttons
  • With Player 1’s controller, press A or START (with the R and Y buttons left pressed on the 2 controller)

Then we get to a new screen that allows us to choose the opponent we want, from among the 16 available in Super Punch-Out!!. Then take the second controller again, and press B+Y (and A or START on controller 1), which then allows you to take the place of the computer and face the first player with the second controller.

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Since this code was never announced, while also working on the Super Nintendo Classic Mini as well as the Nintendo Switch Online app, this suggests it’s a tamper intended for developers, so they can test for potential bugs in the game.

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