direct. Portugal – Czech Republic: The Portuguese batch opens registration! Follow the match live

direct.  Portugal – Czech Republic: The Portuguese batch opens registration!  Follow the match live

The Group F teams will meet on Tuesday, June 18, to enter the competition at the UEFA Euro 2024 in Germany. After Georgia faced Turkey, it was the turn of Portugal, led by football legend Cristiano Ronaldo, to face the Czech Republic, led by Ivan Hasek, in the most prominent events of the evening.

Portugal 0 – 0 Czech Republic

Let's go for the second period!

Half the time!

The Portuguese monopolized the ball but failed to break the deadlock in front of the solid Czech wall. Ronaldo could have scored two goals, but Czech goalkeeper Stanek managed to keep a clean sheet. Portugal may regret it.

44' Eighth corner for the Portuguese

Fernandez meets up with Silva who finds Ruben Dias far from the roof. This gives Ronaldo his back to the goal, which he can turn very quickly. He shoots, but Stanek stops his shot!

43' Portugal blurred

Nuno Mendes is looking for a solution to put Liao in good conditions. But his lofted pass comes into contact.

38' Liao simulation

The Portuguese striker is launched deep and collapses on the edge of the area. The referee blows the simulation whistles.

38' Central Koval!

The Czechs take the ball close to Portugal's zone for the first time. Coufal on the right gets rid of Nuno Mendes and crosses. Kuchta's head doesn't go away!

36' The Czech defense continues to hold on

The Seleção's attacking waves are increasing, but the opposing defenders remain stubborn.

33' Vitinha meets Ronaldo

Ronaldo shoots the ball to find the Portuguese midfielder running into the opposition defence. However, he failed to fire.

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31' What a save from Stanek's shot!

Fernandes makes a wonderful deep pass to break the Czech defence. Ronaldo finds himself face to face with Stanek, who makes a brilliant reaction save with a right hand.

27' Dodera disagrees with Stanek

Lack of understanding in the Czech defence. The defender gives the box to Stanek but the goalkeeper misreads the path of the ball. Corner for Portugal.

25' Liao is not far from scoring!

Fernandes turns to the right and heads towards goal. He decided to pass the ball to Liao for the penalty kick. He throws himself but is too short to touch the ball.

23' Fernandes above!

With no solution, the Portuguese midfielder unleashed a stunning shot that went over Stanek's crossbar.

23' Statistical points

The Portuguese confiscates the ball with a possession rate of more than 73%!

21' Ruben Dias tries his luck

The Portuguese defender is alone but off center on the right. He still decided to strike.

18' Fernandes centre

A great attacking flurry from the Portuguese was enabled by a beautiful ball recovery from Nuno Mendes. Fernandes is found on the right flank and crosses directly, Hernach pushes Ronaldo but the referee says nothing.

16' Nuno Mendes goal!

Once again, the Portuguese are unable to penetrate the opponent's defence. The Paris Saint-Germain defender decides to strike from distance to surprise Stanek. But his ball passed past the Czech goalkeeper.

14' Czech lock

The Portuguese couldn't find fault with the Czech defence's perfect alignment of five. Nuno Mendes tries to get over it to no avail.

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11' Liao's dribbles!

The Portuguese striker was able to make the difference thanks to his technical precision. He avoided Holz's challenge and then crossed but there was no Portuguese.

10' Provod makes a mistake

The Czech midfielder finds himself alone on the right side but misses his dribbles. The ball ends up out of bounds.

7' Ronaldo's header!

Leao manages to get rid of the Czech right defender. A cross to the penalty spot for Ronaldo, who returned it with his head. He misses the point.

6' Corner for Portugal

Vitinha misses it with a shot at the far post, no one can recover the ball.

3' Kuchta makes the save

The Czech striker receives the ball before the surface, dribbles and then shoots, but the Portuguese defense is there to block him

2' The first Portuguese work

Bernardo Silva was found in the area by Leao but failed to cross.

kickoff !

It was Bruno Fernandes who hired the first

8:57 PM Portugal National Anthem

The song A Portuguesa (Portuguese) rings out in Leipzig

8:55 PM Czech National Anthem

And how do you move? (Where is my country?) echoes in the stadium

At 8:54 pm, the players enter the field

Tickets for the Red Bull Arena in Leipzig are sold out

8:50 PM Match Referee.

Italian Marco Guida will be on the whistle this evening for this first part of the group stages.

At 8:45 p.m., fans of both teams are in high spirits

There were tens of thousands of them this afternoon on the streets of Leipzig.

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8:40 pm Czech national team lineup

8:35 PM Portugal lineup.

Good morning all !

Welcome to this live stream to follow Portugal's entry into the competition against the Czech Republic. The match kicks off at nine o'clock in the evening at the Red Bull Arena in Leipzig.

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