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From Thursday 22 to Sunday 25

Deu dijaus 22 au dimenshe 25 de seteme

Usa Oz (32)

22 . Digos

– 7:00 pm: Show “Cine a noste” – La Capèra sala:

“Varipic” Documentary film sus ua bòrda aveironèsa

23 Divès – glèisa . place

– 10:00 am: Trolhada de pomas e pasteurizacion

Miatz las vòstas pomas e tornatz dab shuc de poma hèit per tots

– 6:30 pm: musical aperitif dab Milharis and repaish tirat de la saqueta –

– 8:00 pm: Recitau Anne-Marie Charles

different percussion sound http://anmamuse.fr

Performing arts craftsman – author, composer, artist,
Anne Marie presents us with a collection of audio scenes, inspired by
Through poems and songs from our global repertoire.
Creole, African dialects, French, Occitan, Persian: at every stop,
Language music opens the way to songs of possibilities…

“Language disappears every two weeks. When language dies,
It’s not just words that fly away, it’s a story,
Memory, a way of thinking, a part of our humanity. »
Alexandre Kluge

9:00 p.m.: Ball: Millaris

Millaris It is a group of four amateur musicians who enjoy playing and sharing pieces of traditional music through dance.

upset (Saturday) 24 per week

Plaça d’Armanhac (from Gilissa)

10 AM – 1 PM Trollhada de Pumas – Apple Squeeze

10 AM – 6:30 PM meerkat

11 a.m. Incontra: Polina Kamakina, poet, escrivana

The female presence and poetry are at the heart of the young writer’s work. Passionate about the Gascon language, it is part of the literary and cultural revival of the Oak language.

Born in 1989 in Toulouse, she has a master’s degree in Humanities and Social Sciences, majoring in Cultural Strategies, and during her many years of study, she validates language courses in Occitan, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, English, Russian… in German and passionate about dialects. She was also interested in many regional languages.

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Despite her love of travel, her paths continually brought her back to Languedoc and Begur, in whose midst her family grew up. His writing derives its essence from sweetness and beauty. Filled with truth, it gives the world a new vision, another honest look at what makes a woman, her strengths and her weaknesses. Winner of numerous literary competitions across the Langue d’Oc regions, her short stories and poems meticulously illustrate life in order to highlight every place of suffering, questioning and reflection in which beings pause for a moment, remain or never pass… but they are evidently in The slopes of existence today are so forgotten, trivial or even sometimes unexpected, life takes on its full meaning!

Desiring to record the female presence in the world with more beauty, she is also a committed translator and poet, actively participating in the defense of regional cultural and linguistic heritage by supporting the maintenance and return of bilingual signs in our region. By moving many websites, such as Lingas and cultures.

12:30 pm. to mePeruvian Musical – Belly Dance, Belly Dance

1:00 pm. sthick – meal

3:30 pm. sKids show: Les Formidables with Maylis Thanel

the greats

Psychologist Pascal Pavey texts edited by Maïlys Thanel from the company cuddle!

“Wow that body! All you can do with it!!!
Hands, Feet, Voice, Senses, Emotions, Imagination and Dreams Together We Are AWESOME!!! »

the greats It is a showroom workshop for children from 1 to 6 years old that pays tribute to our wonderful physical, sensory and psychological tools, available at all times to feed our toys endlessly!

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Duration: about 30 minutes – [email protected] – 06 30 85 25 99

4:00 pm. FifthRespalh deus dròlles – Snack for kids

4:30 pm againstEarly Audience: Marc Castaigne

Storyteller and musician Marc Castaigne gives us a colorful presentation through tales from Gascony.

7:00 pm. to meMusical Peru

7:30 PM sSinglar thick, pig meal

9:00 pm. BThe: Brigada Minsters

Dimensions (Sunday) 25 weeks

10:30 a.m. Messa en Gascon celebrates the slaughter of François Ducasse

12:00 AM Aperitif Sauvage – Los Tres Vilets

Organizers: “Le Ver Luisant” and “L’Ostau Gascon”

Registration information: [email protected] – 05 62 08 52 49


recording tau repaish sanglar e trolhada before lo dijaus 22:06 35 19 25 83

15, rua Marceau – 32000 Aush – [email protected]https://ostaugascon.wordpress.com/

Toka: Realization, distribution and promotion of audio-visual products and writings o de tota auta natura quan Principaument rapòrt dambe la Cultura occitana de Gasconha.

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