Diablo 4: ‘It’s a Big Disappointment,’ Players Criticize This Core Aspect of the Game After Open Beta

Diablo 4: ‘It’s a Big Disappointment,’ Players Criticize This Core Aspect of the Game After Open Beta

Tens of thousands of gamers flocked to the beta version of Diablo IV This weekend with the aim of discovering the buildings of this new adventure in the world of licensing. While the maximum level was banned and therefore it was not possible to test all the features of the game, a large number of gamers, fans of the series, gathered under The same banner To address an issue that they believe could ruin the game if not fixed.

Dungeons, the real problem to solve in Diablo IV?

It’s in dozens and in posts very famous on reddit Players who are not satisfied with the dungeon system introduced in the beta version to explain themselves. Many of these messages overlap And raises a similar point : Dungeons, in their current form, aren’t that interesting.

In fact, most players very happy For what the beta version offers and finds in the game very great potential, which can become The great Diablo. However, not everything is good, and dungeons have a lot of problems.

The main problem found in Dungeons is very simple: you quickly find yourself in a running simulator. In fact, when you start farming dungeons in a row as the game wants you to, it can quickly tire of going back and forth on very similar corridors every time.

However, the great advantage of these positions, If read by Blizzardis that the players themselves suggest solutions.

Fans are looking for solutions and offer very good solutions. between More procedural generation Or at least More layouts Various points or even very simple like adding shortcuts after the first swipe. The dungeon problem seems complicated, but even in the face of it, players keep motivated and look for solutions to improve the system, hoping to make the game work.

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