Dengue case detected in Hautes-Pyrénées

Dengue case detected in Hautes-Pyrénées

condition evacuationa Infectious diseases By mosquito bites, it was discovered in Anderst, in Hautes-Pyrénées.

However, the infected person has not traveled to a tropical regionAnd the Where the virus spreads. This is called the indigenous issue. The most likely scenario is that the person has been infected in an area where the disease is common and has contracted it The disease returned to France. Once back in mainland France, she was bitten by a healthy mosquito, and she did not carry the disease. And this mosquito, in turn, stung Androstoa.

Break the pollution chain

virus Do not pass from person to person, a vector is needed, in this case mosquitoes. and for Break the pollution chain, the ARS in Hautes-Pyrénées made his arrangements. “proces anti mosquito Performed in Andrest,” identifies Manon Mordelet, Director of ARS Hautes-Pyrénées.

The symptoms of dengue fever are similar to those of influenza: high fever, joint pain, vomiting … To avoid getting sick, the following is recommended: Protect yourself from bites mosquitoes; This can be done by wearing loose clothing or using insect repellents, but above all it is advisable to stay away from stagnant water points.

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