Demotion: US police officer spied on his wife with city cameras

Demotion: US police officer spied on his wife with city cameras

A South Carolina police lieutenant who was believed to be a cuckold has been demoted from his position after using the city's surveillance camera network to spy on his wife.

Former Lt. Ryan Terrell of the North Charleston Police Department allegedly abused his access to the city's camera system to monitor his wife, whom he believed to be unfaithful, on at least three occasions, a disciplinary report from the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy said, obtained by the local TV station. WCSC-TV.

The police officer who feared being cuckolded had direct access to said city-owned cameras, because he was responsible for supervising them.

In this context, he allegedly surprised his wife on April 11 with a sergeant from the same police force, in the Target parking lot.

Angry, he then lost his temper in front of several colleagues, who reported him to the Office of Professional Standards, according to local media.

Further analysis would then reveal that the man would have used the cameras excessively to stalk his wife. He also allegedly admitted that he told his wife that if he caught her, he would end up in prison.

Despite this, his wife and the sergeant involved in the case indicated that they did not feel threatened by the police officer's words, so much so that Ryan Terrell escaped a six-month probation sentence.

He was also allegedly demoted to senior patrol officer and transferred to the patrol division, while being denied access to surveillance cameras, according to WCSC-TV. The police officer joined the department in September 2008.

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