Democrats retain control of the US Senate

Democrats retain control of the US Senate

The Democratic Party won the seat it needs to retain control of the US Senate on Saturday, a decisive victory for the continued presidency of Joe Biden.

Four days after the midterm elections, the US media announced the victory of Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto in the main state of Nevada.

According to US television networks, the incumbent narrowly beat Adam Laxalt, the candidate backed by former President Donald Trump.

His re-election brings the number of Democrats elected to the Senate to 50 out of 100, allowing Joe Biden’s party to control the Senate in Congress. Under the Constitution, Vice President Kamala Harris has the power to choose among senators.

Democrats can still win a seat in Georgia, where the runoff will take place on December 6.

But it appears that the Republicans, who did not achieve the expected tidal wave during this unfavorable vote for the ruling party, are able to regain a majority in the House of Representatives.

They should use it to launch several parliamentary investigations into the administration of Joe Biden, or those close to him.

But without the Senate, they won’t be able to pass laws that run counter to his goals, particularly on abortion or the climate, and they won’t block his appointment to judges, ambassadors, and government officials.

In addition, their victory promises to be much shorter than what was announced. NBC News expected, on Saturday morning, the election of a shaky majority of five seats for the Republicans, compared to 220 seats against 215 for the Democrats.

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Nearly 20 opinion polls have yet to pass their verdict, however, mainly in California.

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