Delay, disruption, cancellation… the plight of passengers on a Luxair flight

Delay, disruption, cancellation… the plight of passengers on a Luxair flight

“Hell”. Two days after the events, passengers on a Luxair flight from Madrid to Luxembourg are still angry. On Sunday, November 5, dozens of passengers were scheduled to depart from Madrid Barajas Airport to arrive in Findel on flight LG3838. Two hours of flying, but from the beginning, he says Basic, Nothing goes as planned. The Luxair plane was initially delayed. Finally, passengers can board. The plane takes off and begins its turn on the runway before take-off, but a power outage causes panic in the plane.

When a passenger returning from Mexico was asked, he said so the “The cabin lights suddenly went out “People started to panic.”. Then you continue: “The plane stopped. It was very hot and people started to lose their patience, especially since the crew could not explain to us what was happening.” Back to square one as shown in the Flightradar24 data, it covered a few meters on the runway and returned to gate J58/J59.

Flight LG3838 never took place between Madrid and Luxembourg, on Sunday 5 November. Screenshot of Flightradar24

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All passengers must disembark while repairs are being made on board. It is around 9pm when passengers return to the station. problem : No one comes to inform them of the situation. “We remained like this without any information until 12:30 in the afternoon, before an employee of the Spanish company Iberia came to tell us that the Luxair flight had been cancelled.”He describes another passenger. According to what the company contacted BasicI witnessed the robbery “Technical problem” And the “Most of the passengers were rerouted on Sunday evening, except for about a dozen of them who did not receive their reassigned flight until around 5am on Monday morning due to some communication complexity.”.

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Different story from users, some saying they received no information at all in the evening, others saying they had alternative suggestions… but only as of Wednesday. One passenger who was supposed to return to Portugal had to do so “you are angry” So he can return to Porto on Monday evening. Luxair confirms again that it has contacted “All passengers”But during the holiday period “Availability at the venue (was) limited.”. The Mexican tourist and her family decided to return on their own. They were offered just one night in a hotel, but there was no option to return for several days. She doesn’t intend to give up.

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