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Pixels are no longer the only smartphones that can benefit from Magic Eraser, this amazing photo editing tool from Google. The functionality becomes accessible to everyone, on Android and iOS … provided you pay a subscription!

Google traditionally keeps the functionality of its own in-house smartphone, the Pixel. This is the case with the Magic eraser tool, available in Google Photos, which appeared with the Pixel 6 in the fall of 2021. This very practical function makes it possible to remove an unwanted element from a snapshot in a few seconds. A lamppost, a red light, a person … everything that can spoil the image is erased thanks to artificial intelligence responsible for recreating the pixels from those that appear around the deleted object. The result is fast and amazing. This function is no longer reserved for smartphones of the brand today. Any Android or iOS mobile can benefit from it…provided you have a subscription Google One (Excluding Pixel owners, regardless of model). This paid service (from €19.99 to €249.99 per year) allows you to take advantage of your extra online storage (from 100GB to 5TB) and share it with up to five other users. It also allows you to take advantage of Google’s VPN. Another interesting function: the ability to apply an HDR filter to videos to make them brighter and with better contrast.

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How to use Google Photos Eraser on Android or iOS?

Already have a Google One account? Magic Eraser is at your fingertips even if you don’t have a Google Pixel. Here’s how to use it.

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► Start by searching for an update for the Google Photos app from the Google Play Store or the App Store on your mobile phone. Update the application if it is offered. Then launch Google Photos and view the image offering an item to be deleted and press the button release at the bottom of the screen.

► Scroll through the options at the bottom of the screen until you reach the section tools. The magic eraser does the same. Click it.

► With your finger, highlight the image element you want to erase.

► As soon as you lift your finger, the selected item disappears. Magic!

If you are not satisfied with the result, press OK An arrow pointing to the left at the bottom of the screen. Then the operation is cancelled.

► On some shots, as soon as you turn on the magic eraser, a quick analysis of the image is performed in order to automatically make suggestions for you to delete items. If this sounds like a good fit for you, press on Erase everything.

Detected items disappear immediately.

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