Dead Space remake repeats its release date

With beautiful glimpses of the environment

this week, Motif Studios happened New life In order to present – in a rather comprehensive and surprising way – the latest developments in Developing a remake of Dead Space. If fans were able to find out artistic direction From the title and the task performed on environmentswere particularly eligible for the release date: January 2023.

Announcing the release date Surprisingly considering that the new version was only Announced in July 2021while evolution has not only in the bud. However, the impulse seemed rather confident in his diagnosis, since then former living Also ended with Estimated for early 2023. No one is safe from last-minute procrastination, but dead space Looks like he’s ready to come back from next year.

According to successive developers in the video, The whole new version can be run internallywhich means the team is now in the most complex phase of video game production: tweaking. Technically, Dead Space is not yet in alpha stageBut if all goes well, play view Which should be represented by the final will be Ready in time for HalloweenThat is, for the month of October.

Apart from that, the live broadcast was especially helpful Artwork Completed on a new edition. The motive was especially good at copying the universe From the game released in 2018taking advantage of the technologies offered by Frostbite Engineespecially on the plays of light that exploit Great volumetric lighting And global lighting (Without resorting to ray tracing).

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And as a reminder, the Dead Space remake won’t be a 100% faithful reproduction of the original game. Motive wants to take advantage of this review to update the franchise to modern standardsbut also Adjustments And Additions when it can be justified. During the live broadcast, the artists made it clear that they wanted to take advantage of it This new level of detail to always bring it More environmental storytelling.

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