Dead Space Remake: release date, consoles, gameplay… Everything we know about the game

Dead Space Remake: release date, consoles, gameplay… Everything we know about the game

More than fourteen years after the launch of the franchise, horror game fans will finally be able to rediscover the popular game dead space Thanks to the modified version that will be released at the beginning of 2023.

Dead Space Remake is the new version From the game released in 2008 by visceral games. reveal this During presentation and gameplay sequence Broadcast on May 12, 2022. Monument of Survival and Horror, dead space It is known for its dark atmosphere and acoustic design. Terrifying experience as engineer Isaac Clark.

Here’s everything we know Dead Space Remake.

The game finally reveals a date

During the presentation, Motive Studio revealed a very important piece of information: the release date. that it January 27, 2023 This is one survival horror The scariest games of the Xbox 360 and PS3 era are waiting for you.

A new announcement is also scheduled for Halloween 2022: excite studio teams complete revelation of the game, during this period, a few months before its final release.

On released systems Dead Space Remake ?

Dead Space Remake will come out PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.. The game will therefore ignore the previous generation of consoles.

Survival horror will reach its peak

While Bethseda postpones her games starfield And radfulAnd Motive Studio unveils the modified version of the survival horror dead space. The developers were able to clarify some elements of the gameplay and discuss the game during Live broadcast One hour.

The next version of the title, originally released in 2008, will allow players to experience a much higher level of immersion than the previous one, thanks to specially developed new technologies – the bleak appearance of combos and the presentation of Necromorphs in the next generation. All this will be enhanced by a darker atmosphere than the original, as well as new visual effects.

Visceral Games / Electronic Arts

Excerpts from the game

We can think of a small series of gameplay Dead Space Remake In pre-alpha (not the final version before us).

At the moment, we don’t know if any other information will drop dead spaceEspecially during E3. Motive Studio may reveal to us a trailer. One thing’s for sure, we’ll have more details over the course of Halloween, starting in the fall.

So it will be 10 months until the developers complete Dead Space RemakeHopefully, this time around, the game will achieve the commercial success it deserves at the time.

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