Dauphine for children. When science and sport meet…

Climbing up some kind of small steps that move and try to hold out as long as possible without stepping on the ground, Juliet did not imagine that she would work both her body and her head to keep her balance. At first, the exercise seems simple, but in reality it is not…

This unusual experiment is one of the math and science activities presented in an original exhibition entitled “All athletes – the flag runs the field” which takes place in Sciences la Turbine, in Annecy (Haute-Savoie). “In order to succeed in maintaining your balance, you have to bend your knees and focus at the same time by fixing a point with your gaze,” explains the little girl, who is very happy to break the record. She held her position for 120 seconds while her father fell after 7 seconds!

DL Photo/Gw.B.

Having your nose in the handlebars, wetting your shirt…

This exhibition invites the public to watch Ten steps named after popular expressions (“Put your nose in the leash”, “wet the shirt”, “I feel good in your sneakers”…) and participate in Ten events, as in the decathlon. While having fun, we learn a lot of things about physiology, biology, physics or the mechanics of sports.

Antonin, Marius and Chloe also tried their luck at all events, with a small preference for the handball cage. In front of a giant screen, in the goalkeeper’s shoes, They were able to test their own mirror neurons Trying to turn off virtual balloons…

Do you know?

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playing sports, It is good for health! For the body, of course (physical health) but also for the morale.

Numerous scientific studies have proven, for example, that regular exercise helps Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity and even cancer. And exercise also makes it possible to “empty the head” and stimulate, among other things, the secretion of serotonin, a molecule that acts on mood and improves appetite and sleep.

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