Darmanin numbers swept away

Darmanin numbers swept away

UEFA representatives and supporters answered questions from senators three weeks after the final.

Between eloquent personalities and chilling testimonies, Senate hearings continued on Tuesday. Three weeks after the security disaster, but also in terms of image, for the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool, on May 28, at the Stade de France, representatives of UEFA, supporters and mayor of Saint-Denis, Matteo Hanutin were invited to speak before a commission of inquiry upper room. The opportunity of Martin Kalin, Managing Director of UEFA Events SA, to remove the numbers put forward by the Minister of the Interior since the beginning of the relationship, which he reiterated on 1Verse June during his hearing before senators.

If he had realized that ‘Things could have been better organized’Gerald Darmanen has already mentioned it 30,000 to 40,000 English protagonists (World Health Organization) They found themselves at the Stade de France, without a ticket or with fake tickets.”. He also denounced a “Large, industrial, and organized counterfeit banknote fraud”The “radical evil” accidents. But for Martin Kalin, there were only 26,000 people without tickets around the stadium, although he agreed to it “The number of fake tickets in Paris was higher than in other Champions League finals”. how many ? “2,600 tickets that passed through the gate were forged. Not many of them made it that far. We can only say that there were several thousand»He also asserts, adding that 2,700 valid ticket holders were never able to return. According to him, the “The reasons are multiple: the transport strike, bad reactions from the hosts and law enforcement, the presence of criminals, the very large influx in front of the stadium, without tickets or with fake tickets “.

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“lack of protection”

The reasons are also subject to an independent investigation, sponsored by UEFA and under the direction of former Portuguese Minister of Sports Thiago Brandao Rodriguez. Results are expected in September. Remember that UEFA watched in France “The perfect place” To relay this final, tentatively scheduled in Saint Petersburg … a fiction a far cry from what Ted Morris, president of the Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association, has reported, relaying terrifying testimonies from fans “Shocked”. People with disabilities are treated like animals.Swears accusing Gerald Darmanin, ‘Shame on the government’ French, to be “to lie”. he is “hopefull” That the person concerned “You will resign from fitness”.

Many fans (especially Liverpool) remained obscured in front of the gates of the Stade de France ahead of the Champions League final (May 28). panoramic

condemn ‘Numbers don’t hold up’ Plus the prejudices about English fans of a ‘The police stayed in the 80s’Joe Plaut, the representative of Liverpool supporters, wants to point out that the terrorists did it “penetrate easily” In the security perimeter around the Stade de France during the November 2015 attacks. ‘The behavior of the Liverpool fans was exemplary’He says it again, echoing the words of François-Noel Buffett, chair of the Senate Law Committee, which contradict Gerald Darmanin’s thesis. The same story with Emilio Dumas, who represents Real Madrid fans.

He also lamented the “lack of protection”Talking about ‘Local guys watch the people of Madrid’From ‘Young girls are being abused’. And to add: “I will not recommend my friends to come to watch the Rugby World Cup (2023) or the Olympics (2024). My team won, but I have more bad memories than good ones. » For his part, emphasizing that in the future it will be necessary to guard against owning “Only a security view” And the “Security should be at the service of the event, not the other way around”Matthew Hanoutin, mayor of Saint-Denis, sees the police force as not. “Enough to handle the massive influx of common criminals”. Anticipation problem. Not the only mistake.

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