Croissants and Rice Krispies: Famous deer are euthanized after being fed by tourists

Croissants and Rice Krispies: Famous deer are euthanized after being fed by tourists

A Scottish deer that was particularly popular with tourists in the Highlands had to be euthanized after developing health problems and losing its teeth due to poor food served to it by visitors.

“I hope his life has highlighted the importance of respecting our natural world in the highlands and not feeding deer things they cannot graze naturally,” highland historian Andrew Grant MacKenzie, a famous deer fan, told The Guardian on Monday.

Callum, the red deer who used to hang out at the bottom of the Bean Iggy Mountains in the Torridon region of Scotland, was called a “local legend” according to the historian, as he would regularly pose for pictures and approach humans, much to his delight. Of tourists.

Croissants, Rice Krispies, Cereal Bars: Unfortunately, by feeding hikers inappropriate food, the deer lost most of its teeth and is now struggling to feed itself, according to British media.

According to a veterinarian’s assessment, Callum’s health had deteriorated to the point where he was suffering from pain and discomfort, due to “poor body condition, poor coat condition and arthritis,” as reported by the Independent.

Faced with this situation, the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) had made the decision to euthanize him to end his suffering.

“We are sorry to say that following the advice of expert veterinarian, Callum the deer […] An army spokesman said he should have been killed humanely. “As a conservation charity, we take our animal welfare responsibilities very seriously, and this was the best choice.”

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