Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia “a slap in the face of political Islam”

“Bring them out of their lairs,” Headlines of daily Saudi newspapers Fine, Featuring Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo, who joined Saudi club Al-Nassr less than a month ago. On this cover, he was flanked by four figures well known to political Islam, against a cobweb background.

This is Hassan Nasrallah, the head of the Hizb allah A Lebanese Shiite from Kamal al-Khatib, head of a branch of the Palestinian Islamic Movement, a Jordanian preacher of Palestinian origin Youssef Makharza, and Hashmi Hamdi, a Tunisian journalist and politician accused of sympathizing with Muslim Brotherhood.

Recently, Kamal Al-Khatib provoked strong reactions because of his Friday sermon in a Palestinian mosque. He denounced in particular that we had paid 400 million euros [le transfert de] A corrupt person, just because he knows how to play football. He also decried claims that his arrival would be a sign “Entering the History of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”, adding in a so stifled voice “Only the Prophet Muhammad made the Arabs record history”.

“Misunderstanding of the ongoing changes” in the Kingdom

The resonance this sermon encountered is significant enough to prompt the Saudi press to bring out the big guns: “[Les islamistes] Their maps were burned and their boats sank: the Arab and Islamic world could no longer bear to hear them. The record closes by adding: “Saudi Arabia, with its successes, is keeping them awake.”

“The recent arrival of world star Ronaldo to the Saudi club Al-Nasr is not the last slap in the face of political Islam.” Comment on the newspaper On a double page dedicated to this topic. and quote the Hassan Al-Mustafa, a specialist and researcher in political Islam. Under the contract with the Portuguese star “fits into a larger context.” “It is an investment aimed at attracting intelligence and skills from around the world, and it is a strategic investment,” he said. According to this commenter. “Criticisms directed at figures from political Islam show a lack of understanding of the changes taking place in Saudi Arabia.”

the Twitter account From the concerned manager, who willingly commented on his new life in Saudi Arabia and took care of his communication with his new fans, he has not yet shown any reaction to this exploitation of which he is the subject.

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